My Dream Cruise Companion feat. Our Favourite Cruise Bloggers


To celebrate this social aspect of cruising, we have asked some of our favourite cruise bloggers to share the names of their dream cruise companions.


Danielle Fear – Cruise Miss

 Grandmother and granddaughter.

“If I had to pick someone as the ideal cruise companion, then I would choose my late Grandma. I don’t actually think she would be the ideal cruise companion in all honesty (she liked routine), but I know that if she had been persuaded to actually take a cruise, she would have loved it! It’s one thing that always makes me wish that I had discovered the ocean long before I did, then maybe I could have had the chance to show my Grandma some of the wonderful world in which we live. She only left the country once in her lifetime.”


Jane Archer – The Telegraph Cruise Correspondent

“I enjoy cruising alone as it’s a nice way to meet people, but if I’m pushed to take a companion it would be the actor David Suchet, I met him once very briefly and he was charming. I also saw him recently playing Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest on the London stage and he was brilliant. Of course he is best known as Agatha Christie’s famous detective Hercule Poirot. I’m sure he would be terrific company, with a stack of interesting stories about his family history and life on the stage and screen. And if the worst happens and someone gets murdered, it’s good to know there is an expert on hand!”


Harry Cotterill – Cruise Cotterill

Cunard Queen Mary

“For me, I would love to share a voyage with Sir Samuel Cunard, the man that founded the world famous Cunard Line all the way back in 1838. It would be truly remarkable to share a transatlantic voyage with him aboard Cunard Line’s magnificent flagship, Queen Mary. I can’t imagine showing him just how far Cunard Line has come over the last 175 years. I am sure he would have never imagined such a vast ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.”


Gary Bembridge – Tips for Travellers

“Anyone who is respectful and considerate. As cruising becomes more mainstream and attractively priced, it can at times become less refined and well behaved. So my ideal cruising companions on any ship are people who make life relaxing and pleasant. They do not hog and book deck chairs and theatre seats. They treat crew with respect and help make their jobs easy, rewarding great service beyond the fixed gratuities. Arrive at meals, if on fixed dining, on time, and do not push and shove in the self-service restaurant. Seek out local guides, markets and providers in port to help get as much of their money into the hands of locals than just the cruise line. Keep noise down on balconies and deck, and keep their kids under control and not let them scream and run around corridors. These are my perfect cruise companion(s)!”


David Fiske – Ports of Call

Picture of father and son spending leisure time in park

“My cruise ship companion would be my Great Grandfather. I would be interested to learn what he would make of today’s cruise ships that I love so dearly. He was widely regarded as one of the greatest skippers of his generation and spent the majority of his life out at sea. No doubt he would have countless tales to recount from his illustrious career.”


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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Enrique LSamantha Beddoes.


My Dream Cruise Companion feat. Our Favourite Cruise Bloggers
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My Dream Cruise Companion feat. Our Favourite Cruise Bloggers
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