What is Multiple Cruising and Why Is It So Popular?


We’ve heard of cruises for sun-seekers, cruises for wildlife lovers, and cruises for sightseers. But the latest phenomenon in the cruise world is something known as ‘multiple cruising’. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Read on for an introduction to multiple cruising, and why it’s on the rise.

Just can’t get enough

Multiple cruising, put simply, is the practice of taking more than one cruise per year. And it’s big. In 2015, nearly two-thirds of cruisers took more than one cruise. It’s the biggest proportion of multi-cruisers in the last ten years, with half of cruisers taking two or three nautical breaks and some taking over six.

We all know cruises are an incredible experience, but what is it that’s causing the rise in popularity of multiple cruising?



A big factor is variety. More and more cities, beach resorts and attractions are becoming cruise destinations year on year. What this means is you can easily go on multiple cruises that are worlds apart. Think an arctic cruise in February, a Caribbean cruise for the summer and a sightseeing trip to Europe as the year winds down.


As always, cost has to be considered. With an increasing number of cruise providers, cruises are becoming more competitively priced. All things considered, you’re getting much more value for money with a cruise than a standard holiday. Affordable cruising means it’s now well within your budget to go on more than one cruise in a year.


The stress of planning a holiday is something that seems overwhelming when there’s more than one a year. On a standard holiday, you have to book flights, hotels, excursions, find nearby restaurants, work out how to get around. With multiple cruising, everything is stress free. Cruises are simple from the moment you book, to the smooth sailing relaxation.

A ship's on-board restaurant

All bases are covered with restaurants on-board and an abundance of activities for both adults and kids. The child-friendly holiday environment also means it’s much easier to get away as a family, with no endless searching for places to take the children and no need for babysitters. It’s as simple as booking and enjoying.

Get on board

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