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At Cruise1st, we are dedicated to sourcing great cruise deals for all members of the families with wide ranging tastes and interests. Our cruise packages leave thousands of people satisfied every year by combining luxury with entertainment – here we will have a look at the cruise ships which specialise in the former.

Azamara Quest

With a capacity of 702 passengers and 410 crew members, the Azamara Quest has a fantastic guest to staff ratio of less than 2 to 1. This helps the team attend to every whim and fancy of their on board guests. The captain of the Azamara Quest takes her on unique, interesting cruise itineraries – eschewing the traditional ports in favour of small destinations off the beaten track. Travel to these far-off destinations in the utmost luxury with the Quest’s excellent array of on-board lounges, bars, restaurants and casino.

Azamara - Chris Parker

Luxury Deal: Asian Kaleidoscope Voyage

Cunard Queen Elizabeth

Cunard has a long and distinguished history – the company was honoured by Winston Churchill who claimed the ships Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary helped to shorten WWII by at least a year due to their troop-carrying capacities. The original Queen Elizabeth vessel was destroyed by fire in 1972, but is still fondly remembered by the more experienced cruising community for its ornate bars and lounges. The modern incarnation is famous for round-the-world trips, entertaining guests for months at a time.


Luxury Deal: 101 Night Fort Lauderdale to Southampton

Silver Galapagos

Privately owned and operated out of Monaco, everything about Silversea Cruises screams luxury. Their eight ship fleet, compiled over the past 20 years, is dedicated to providing incredible luxury and unforgettable experiences aboard their small-sized vessels. The Silver Galapagos is the smallest of their fleet, able to travel to some of the harder-to-reach ports in the world which large vessels have to bypass. Named after the Island Charles Darwin chose to study nature and evolution; the Galapagos regularly takes in the beautiful sites of the South Pacific.

Silver - Danteling

Luxury Deal: Baltra to San Cristobal

P&O Arcadia

The P&O Arcadia operates adults-only cruises, accommodating complete elegance and sophistication. Whilst children can be lovely and even charming when they feel inspired, it is sometimes entirely necessary to escape their presence. With a 2:1 passenger to crew ratio, the P&O Arcadia team are on hand to ensure all your inclinations are accommodated and indulged. The Arcadia undertakes a wide range of different itineraries from cultural exploration to relaxing tours.

Luxury Deal: Caribbean & Azores

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