MORE New Legends for the Epic


Ok, so I know I post about this quite often but that’s because the Legends in Concert show just keeps growing and growing. It’s getting out of control! Norwegian Cruise Lines have announced that they are adding yet another three legends to their concert… although personally, I didn’t even know there were that many legends in existence.

Who are the new legends I hear you ask. Well, first of all there is the undeniable legend, a man who has been providing us with amazing, unforgettable songs for decades… the one, the only, Elton John. Next up we have a lady who is definitely up there with Sir Elton. She has had some spectacular hits, ballads and dance tunes. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the legendary Whitney Houston!! And finally, we have… Shakira? Hmmm. Call me old fashioned but I’m not sure Legend is quite the word I would use. Sure she has had some great songs and she seems like a lovely person and all… but legend?

Anyway, I digress. The point is that the Legends in Concert show is becoming more and more varied, with more and more entertainment on offer. There has got to be a legend in there to suit everyone, and you’ll all be able to find songs you like and can sing along to. That is afterall what this kind of show is all about.

The new legends will be making their debut on May 18th onboard the Epic during a Western Med sailing from Barcelona. They will be performing on cruises up until November 5th, 2011 although if they are a big hit, no doubt they will be back in the future.


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