The Architecture You Can Only See on Europe’s Rivers [Interactive Map]


Anyone who’s ever been on a river cruise knows that one of the undoubted advantages such holidays have over ocean cruises is the picturesque surroundings guests sail through while on the water. Though far-reaching swathes of ocean seas glistening in the sun are beautiful to look at, the natural wonders and architectural feats on the banks of Europe’s rivers are truly sights to behold.

So, whilst we’d never say a bad word against ocean cruises, today we’re exclusively looking inland and towards the continent’s rivers, and most notably along their banks. River cruises serenely trace a path through all manner of lush greenery, rolling hills, and iconic architecture as far as the eye can see, all without even getting out of your deck chair. Watching these new worlds unfold before your eyes, as all manner of monuments, cathedrals and architectural feats come into view, is quite simply a sight to behold.

The great rivers of Europe have been fundamental in the development and evolution of the continent, providing a lifeblood for generation after generation of settlers and locals. From military strongholds to important religious sites, the banks of Europe’s beautiful rivers have been carefully selected to host the continent’s most beautiful and iconic buildings.

Some of history’s great architectural styles come to the fore along the rivers of Europe, from Baroque period feats on the River Danube to the timeless Bavarian structures on the Rhine. Centuries of incredible design, pioneering engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship can be viewed from the top deck of the river cruise ship as it meanders down the continent’s delightful waterways.

Not only that, while many of these architectural delights can be accessed on foot, their riverine vantage points offer unique perspectives, with many architects deciding to pitch their most impressive or beautiful facades waterside. This means that unique experiences are afforded those who visit via river cruise.

So, there you have it, a visual guide to our favourite riverside feats of architectural brilliance in Europe. We hope that any personal favourites of your own have been included. If not, please leave us a comment below stating your favourite piece of architecture you can only glimpse from the top deck of a river cruise, and we’ll try to make sure we include it next time!

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