Magic new features announced for Norwegian Getaway


Norwegian Cruise Line announce a range of great features onboard new Miami-based ship Norwegian Getaway.

The fantastic new features onboard new ship Getaway will include a five-slide Aqua Park, a new Sports Complex and an amazing Fireworks show at sea.  But that’s not all!  Norwegian Getaway will also host an exciting Magic show!

Magic at Sea:

One of the really interesting new features onboard the ship is The Illusionarium. Magic acts have made a comeback in recent years, and they’ve also gained more street-cred. Big name magicians are regularly featured on primetime television programmes and so the inclusion of amazing magic acts onboard Norwegian Getaway should definitely excite many passengers. This is a particularly good show for families, especially those who have children who are budding magicians. The show onboard Norwegian Getaway features several fantastic illusionists, specialists of the supernatural and amazing magicians. This is sure to be a jaw-dropping spectacle!

“I am so excited about this new magical experience that will come to life aboard Norwegian Getaway…The Illusionarium will be an experience unlike anything at sea today and take adults and children alike on a journey into the mystical world of magic. This is so perfect for the ship that will embody the vibe of the Magic City.”

Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive officer.

This new magic experience is the result of an effective collaboration between the acclaimed Broadway director, Patricia Wilcox, the designer David Gallo (the winner of a Tony Award) and the magician Jeff Hobson, with Norwegian’s own entertainment team. This influx of valued experience in production and magic shows will ensure that The Illusionarium really astounds holidaymakers with Norwegian Cruises. The magic show has several broader themes. Firstly, it is inspired by Jules Verne, the famous science fiction writer known best for works such as Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 10,000 Leagues under the Sea. Well-known magicians, such as Houdini, are also a discernable influence in the show. Finally, the recent surge in popularity on the movie screens of supernatural characters also forms a theme to the magic show.

The setting of The Illusionarium will nearly be as impressive as the magic itself. Passengers will find themselves surrounded by old spell books, artifacts and ancient relics. Furthermore, at the centre of the Illusionarium is a 30’ diameter vide dome that will convince the audience that they are travelling to different times, spaces and worlds!

But if a magic shows is not enough, Norwegian Getaway will be putting on the perfect accompaniment to any holiday, a dramatic fireworks show. Every single cruise that the ship undertakes will have a spectacular fireworks display at the climax. There’s no better place than on the top deck to view the show, or alternatively it will provide the perfect backdrop for guests wanting to dance the night away. It’s difficult to think of a better way to finish a cruise programme and cap off a fantastic holiday.


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