Love Boat Sets Sail for Final Voyage


Fans of the wildly popular American TV show The Love Boat were in for a treat this month when the MV Discovery sailed into Liverpool. Currently operating with Voyages of Discovery, the 700 passenger cruise ship was used to film the hit series which ran from 1977 to 1987. Despite the best hopes of diehard Love Boat fans, Captain Merrill Stubing and Doc Bricker were nowhere to be seen.

A career in the spotlight

While the vessel is currently known as MV Discovery, her 1970s heyday saw her sail with P&O under the name of Island Princess. During this time, the ship earned itself a glowing reputation with the older cruise crowd who love her classic style, casual dress code and intimate small ship feel. Island Princess stole most of the spotlight, however P&Os Pacific Princess also featured on several episodes of The Love Boat.

A well-deserved retirement

While the vessel underwent extensive refurbishment between 2001 and 2003, the facelift wasn’t enough to keep her floating. Although considering she made her debut appearance back in 1972, MV Discovery has enjoyed a long and fruitful career!  The world famous liner spent the day docked in Liverpool before sailing out of port in the early afternoon. The journey will be one of her last before retiring from service at the end of the 2014/15 cruise season.

Are you are interested in a sneak peek at what MV Discovery looked like during her glory days? Or would you simply love to hear the fantastic theme music to Love Boat? Check out the video below!

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