Kids Given Access to Exclusive Concierge Lounges


Royal Caribbean have announced a change in policy which means that children will now be allowed into the concierge lounges onboard Royal Caribbean ships between the hours of 5pm and 8:30pm. Previously, this time had been reserved for over 21s only but the relaxing of this rule will come as a relief to many parents travelling with children.

The exclusive concierge lounges are reserved for those passengers staying in the top suites, or members of the Royal Caribbean loyalty scheme who have racked up a large number of previous cruises with the line

The cruise line has also decided to relax the dress code for the concierge lounges. Previously it required all guests to dress in formal or evening attire if visiting after 5pm, however now guests are asked only to ensure they are dressed in “smart-casual” clothes.

The relaxing of the dress code will probably please most passengers as the majority of people like to have the odd night off from formal wear when possible. However, the “kids allowed” rule might not please quite as many people as some feel that the concierge lounges should remain child free in the evenings.

Don’t worry though, it is unlikely that the lounges will be swarming with kids every night. According to the CEO of Royal Caribbean, this policy change will on average only affect 5 under 21s per cruise! Even I can live with that!


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