Japan Cruise Updates


After the devastating earthquake in Japan on Friday, many cruise lines have had to re-route cruises to avoid this area. It is currently the perfect season for cruises to Japan, so many, many intineraries have been affected by the natural disaster.

If you are booked on a cruise which is scheduled to visit any of the areas affected by the quake, get in touch with your tour operator as soon as possible so you can find out what will happen. If you are lucky, you will get re-routed to an unaffected area but unfortunately when things come out of the blue like this, there often isn’t time for the cruise lines to do this and so you may have to skip Japan altogether.

Royal Caribbean have recently announced that they will be skipping all Japanese ports for the time being, changing the itineraries and adding overnight stays in other ports where possible to ensure the length of the cruise remains unaltered.

Oceania are also diverting all cruises past Japan, although they were scheduled to make several stops in the country.

Other cruise lines that have been affected include Princess, Azamara, and Cunard.


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