Isn’t Cruising Just for Old People? The Myth Expelled


The theory that cruise holidays solely cater for older couples is something of a mixed blessing. It can be seen as both a detrimental stereotype and a badge of honour: deterring potential holidaymakers whilst confirming that it is the choice of holiday for the experienced and most financially independent.

However, earlier this year The Metro reported that more young people than ever were booking cruise holidays as preconceptions about the industry was changing and cruise ships were evolving to cater for more demographics than ever. This endeavour was a part of the cruise industry’s ambition to market itself better to more age groups without alienating the loyal fan base that it has already earned.

Comprehensive Floating Resorts

The majority of cruise company adverts on television strive to expel the myth that their holidays primarily cater for the older generations and dedicate significant airtime to the cacophony of fun activities available on board their ships. From surfing simulators to rock-climbing walls, there are endless activities aimed at the active and the adventurous.

This is part of a concentrated effort to change the opinions of individuals who have been under the impression that cruise holidays are solely targeted for older generations. Young couples and families have become an incredibly important demographic for cruise companies. Without alienating existing passengers, cruise companies are expanding their reach.

With more people taking cruise holidays than ever before, this tactic appears to be working incredibly well. The comprehensive range of activities available on board the world’s most beloved cruise liners have ensured that new demographics are being appealed to whilst retaining the loyalty of existing passengers.

Cruise - Ted Murphy

Exciting Excursions

Holidaymakers aged 24-30 are the demographic most inclined to seeking out unusual destinations and cultural visits. Many cruise companies have targeted these holidaymakers and expanded their range of excursions. City breaks have become a common throughout many of the more comprehensive cruise packages, affording passengers the opportunity to visit exciting cities.

From Istanbul to Barcelona, historically significant cities are high on the agenda for cruise holiday organisers and passengers alike. The Diamond Princess follows a route that takes in some of Japan’s AND Russia’s most interesting and significant sights. The Hokkaido & Russia cruise allows passengers to take in the intrigue and mystique of Tokyo at the beginning and the end of the cruise.

Family Cruises

The formation of the Disney Cruise Line in 1996 best exemplifies the intent of the cruise industry to broaden their appeal to the family market. The Disney market has always been one that strongly resonates with younger generations and their cruise line is a continuation of this, offering children the opportunity to meet their favourite characters on board.

Disney - Joe Turco

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