How to Make the Most of a Cruise Ship’s Amenities When It’s in Port


Cruising to exciting new destinations is one of the best things about holidaying on a cruise ship. Some port calls may not appeal to you, however, so how do you fill your time while everyone else ventures ashore? There’s no need to worry, there’s plenty to do on a cruise ship during port days. In fact, for some activities this is the time you’ll get the best deals and the shortest queues!

Take the Opportunity to Relax

From kids running around to people chatting as they leave their rooms, cruise ship corridors can be noisy places when at full capacity. Port days are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a little breakfast in bed or an afternoon snooze, as most people will be heading off the ship early, leaving an oasis of calm behind. Similarly, port days are the perfect time to catch a few rays up on the sun deck. Sun loungers can be hard to secure, but you won’t have any trouble getting your favourite spot all to yourself on port day.

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Do a Few Lengths in the Pool

The pool is usually the most popular area of a cruise ship, so you might have steered clear to avoid the cannonball dives and noisy groups. On a port day, however, you’ll find the pool area is much quieter. Take the opportunity to swim a few lengths in the sun, or simply float up and down until it’s an acceptable hour to dry off with a cocktail from the pool bar. Furthermore, cocktail hour can be as early as you like on port days, since there’s no one about to judge you for having a breakfast pool-side Bloody Mary.

Book a Spa Deal

Port days are by far the best time during your cruise to indulge in a spa treatment. Not only is it much easier to get an appointment as most people will be on land exploring the port, but many spas also do special deals on these days. Book yourself in for an indulgent massage or a rejuvenating facial and be sure to ask about the best deals they can offer that day. Most will want to attract guests on quiet port days, so you might find that you can get an amazing bargain!

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Try Out the Most Exciting Activities

Many cruise ships have amazing activities on board, from zip wires to surf simulators to formula one race cars. These activities usually have huge queues of people excited to try them, which can make it difficult to try every activity you want to. On port days, however, these activities tend to have much shorter queues, meaning you can try as many as you want. Use your port day aboard the ship to get your adrenaline hit and test out some of the amazing innovations that make cruise ships such exciting places to stay.

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 Enjoy a Relaxed Lunch

The lunchtime buffet can sometimes contain a competitive element, with guests vying for the biggest baked potato or the most topping-laden slice of pizza. There won’t be any winding queues on port day though, and they’re much less likely to run out of that delicious-looking dessert you’ve been eyeing up. Instead, pile your plate up with the things you usually miss out on and enjoy a relaxed lunch at your own pace in the quiet dining room. Even better, it will be much easier to go back for seconds!

Try Out the Speciality Restaurants

Speciality restaurants often receive lots of hype and, on some ships, can get booked up on popular evenings before the ship has even set sail. Take advantage of spending a port day on the ship by booking into a restaurant you’ve wanted to try while it is a bit quieter. You’re likely to have a much more intimate experience, as well as commandeering the full attention of the servers.

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Head to the Shops

Many cruise ships have a range of on-board luxury shops for all your shopping needs, from designer handbags to quality chocolate. These shops can get quite busy, however, making it difficult to browse at your leisure. A port day is the perfect time to head to the shopping area and try on as many things as you like without having to worry about busy changing rooms. You’ll also get the undivided attention of the sales assistants, making for an altogether better experience.

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Take a Class

Whether you haven’t taken advantage of any of the ship’s classes yet or you’ve been diligently attending yoga every morning for the whole holiday, you should definitely take advantage of a quiet port day class. You’ll get more individual attention from the instructors in these quieter classes, which will help you perfect your technique and maybe stretch yourself a little further than you would at the back of a crowded class. Be aware the schedules are often different on port day though, so check when classes are running before you turn up.

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How to Make the Most of a Cruise Ship’s Amenities When It’s in Port
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How to Make the Most of a Cruise Ship’s Amenities When It’s in Port
There’s plenty to do on a cruise ship during port days if you don't want to get off the ship, Cruise1st details the best things to do..

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