Get your “Game On” with Celebrity Reflection


Master challenging games in the all new Game On room:

Celebrity Cruises has revealed the details of an additional, exciting experience onboard their fifth Solstice Class ship, Celebrity Reflection: a modern makeover to the traditional card room, now called “Game On”.

Celebrity describe the new card room as an “innovative” and “whimsical” place, transformed by its new bold and elegant design.  Holidayers will notice an eclectic collection of clocks on the walls and a fantastic new colour palette that gives the room an “old-meets-new aesthetic.”

Those travelling onboard Reflection will enjoy two standard card tables, an assortment of board games and a brand new, innovative, interactive gaming experience.  There are six new, 32-inch touchscreen display tables where guests can now play a choice of eight different digital games with up to three other players!

The custom-designed digital games in the Game On suite are specially designed to promote healthy brain function, plus they provide a fun and challenging experience by tapping into memory, attention and creative skills.

Some games even interact with other tables, allowing participants to compete with others in the room, creating a thrilling and sociable atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at the new games available in “Game On”, each is said to be inspired by either contemporary or beloved classic games, but with new features added by developers:

Bumpers:  Bumpers is like marbles, but with a modern twist.  Cast your marble onto a moving platform to earn points.  Bump off your opponents’ marbles along the way – but watch you don’t lose your marbles – you don’t want them to fall into the ‘void.’

Snag ‘Em:  A fun and fast game, which you can play with up to three other players.  Collect three of a kind (or more) before the timer runs out.  Watch out for the bonuses too!

Checkers:  Play this familiar game with a fun twist: frog themed pieces! Who will be crowned the Prince.

Word Power:  Sharpen your mind and expand your vocabulary with this fun word puzzle.  This game draws on the traditional word search game but you play it digitally – it’s innovative, interactive, fun and addictive!

Team Draw:  Channel your inner artist by playing this fab drawing game.  Challenge opponents to interpret your pictures and then have a go at figuring theirs out too.

Memory:  This engaging game requires you to take a mental snapshot of a grid and then choose the correct squares from memory.  It’s not that easy though: this digital puzzle requires you to recall patterns quickly as you’re up against the clock.

Think Faster:  Race against the clock to match symbols – winning this game requires fast reactions, attention to detail and plenty of awareness.

Moving Puzzle:  A twist on the classic puzzle, in digital format.  A fast-moving virtual brain twister requiring players to put pieces of moving videos back together.

Guests staying onboard Celebrity Reflection can enjoy the Game On room at no extra charge, giving holidayers the chance to master each and every single game at their leisure!


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