Game of Thrones Mid-Season Catch-Up


We had loads of fun creating the Game of Thrones catch-up article last month, and we were blown away by how much you guys all seemed to enjoy it. So we’ve decided to mark the mid-point of the new season by updating the whereabouts of all our favourite characters (or at least those who have been active in the opening five episodes).

Warning: Spoilers for seasons 1-6 below…

Jon Snow

D1 151-4 x

Shocking almost no one, Jon Snow re-emerged from the dead after the Red Woman did a handy bit of magic. Stark by nakedness, if not by name; Snow decided the Night’s Watch was no longer for him after loads of his brothers tried to stab him. He was about to jet off, after hanging Alliser Thorne and that annoying Ollie kid as his last act as Lord Commander, when he got a surprise visitor: Sansa.

After a brooding hug, Jon was convinced by Sansa that they should go recruit more forces from northern families as well as from their uncle, Brynden Tully, in Riverrun.

So where is he?

After filming many of his scenes in Iceland, Jon Snow will be moving closer to home with the castle of Riverrun reportedly filmed in Corbet, County Down – which was featured in our guide to Northern Ireland’s Hidden Gems.

Whether he gets there unharmed before the end of season six remains to be seen, with plenty of trouble bound to be roaming the streets.

Did you know?

We might have been very close to learning about Jon’s parentage during Bran’s flashback scene involving Ser Arthur Dayne, according to the popular R+L=J theory.

Samwell Tarly

Samwell Tarly

Jon Snow’s BFF is well on his way to Oldtown by now, determined to forge his chain as a maester in the Citadel. Sailing the choppy waters around Westeros, Sam’s only scene so far this season has served to remind us what he’s up to and that he has a somewhat delicate disposition – perched over a sick bucket.

So where’s he going?

After five months in the freezing Icelandic climes, Sam is journeying towards the decidedly warmer Girona – the Catalan city of great intrigue. For more info about Barcelona’s lesser-visited little brother, check out our great guide to Girona.

Girona Collage

Did you know?

John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, secured the role after replying to an advert placed on the Manchester Metropolitan University website, where he was studying acting.

Daenerys Targaryen

D1 151-7 x

Daenerys ended season five lost in the Dothraki Sea, before being surrounded by a Dothraki horde. Unsurprisingly, they took her back to Vaes Dothrak, where the widows of fallen Khals (remember her hubby Khal Drogo from season one?) spend the rest of their days.

Naturally, the hot-headed Daenerys was not too keen on this, so decided to hatch a plan to escape this fate. Realising that it was impossible to fight her way out of the revered city, Daenerys decided to win over her captors. She remembered that she won her first followers by laying down on a fiery pyre and surviving, so she essentially did the same again.

Setting a load of Dothraki on fire inside a ceremonial building, Daenerys emerged from the flames in front of a shocked crowd who were only too quick to drop to a knee.

What’s next?

Daenerys was last seen leaving Vaes Dothrak, potentially heading back to Meereen where Tyrion and Lord Varys have been keeping the peace in her absence. But could it soon be time for her to take the plunge and jet over to Westeros to fulfil her destiny?

Did you know?

Daenerys nearly did not appear as we see her today, with actress Tamzin Merchant originally cast for the role, before being replaced with the now world-famous Emilia Clarke.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont

Like a faithful dog who keeps on coming back, Jorah Mormont has returned to Daenerys Targaryen for the umpteenth time, inspiring her to leave Vaes Dothrak, where she was destined to spend the rest of her days as a hag. Unfortunately, Jorah’s days may be numbered as the greyscale infliction he picked up from the Stone Men seems to be spreading around his body.

However, he gets to enjoy another brief sojourn with Daenerys, escorting her out of Vaes Dothrak after she pulls off another great fire trick.

What’s next?

Jorah’s Grayscale will develop throughout his skin, before attacking his internal organs and turning him into a violent maniac – a Stone Men. This is why Stone Men (such as those encountered by Joran and Tyrion in Old Valyria) are exiled to distant cities. The man from Bear Island, however, has suggested he’ll end his own life before it completely absorbs him.

Did you know?

The scenes for Vaes Dothrak were filmed in Almeria – the home to Europe’s only true desert location. Fancy learning a bit more about this ancient Andalusian city? Check out our comprehensive guide, here.

Almeria Collage

Tyrion Lannister

D1 151-10 x

In Daenerys’ absence, Tyrion is left to keep the peace in Meereen with everyone’s favourite Eunuch (more about him in a bit). He’s doing a decent old job, utilising his skills for diplomacy and bargaining to instil a temporary peace between his people and the Sons of the Harpy. In the most recent episode he is seen attempting to employ the assistance of a Red Priestess, suggesting that he may be ready to switch the city’s allegiance to the mysterious Lord of Light.

What’s next for Tyrion?

As things seem to be going well for the Imp at the moment, history suggests things are about to go very wrong. With a city full of people who hate what he stands for, we reckon Tyrion could be set for some bother.

Did you know?

In the original book series, Tyrion has mismatched eyes – leading many people to think he is a Targaryen, potentially Daenerys’ half-brother.

Lord Varys

Lord Varys

Having travelled separately (thanks Jorah), Varys and Tyrion are back together, ruling Meereen. Lord Varys’ ability to possess eyes and ears in every corner of the city have remained in-tact, serving as a skilled politician in war-torn Meereen.

Where is he?

When you watch Varys walk around Meereen is his quiet, creepy style, he is actually exploring Peniscola, the dramatic City in the Sea of eastern Spain. A truly staggering real-world city, Peniscola is one of Europe’s great hidden gems – as our in-depth guide, here, explains.

Peniscola Collage

Did you know?

Varys and the bloke who sold Daenerys to Khal Drogo, Illyrio Mopatis, are childhood friends – and have worked together for years to help the Targaryens regain the throne.

Bran Stark

D1 151-1 x

After a season of inactivity, Bran Stark has come back roaring into action in season six. Reliving key moments in the past, he witnesses his father fight the great Arthur Dayne, and oversee the birth of the first White Walker – revealing they were created by the Children of the Forest to fight men.

But just as we were settling into enjoying Bran’s flashbacks, he went and ruined everything by alerting the Night’s King to his whereabouts. In, perhaps, the most powerful scene in the season, and maybe the saddest in the show’s history; Hodor gave his life to protect Bran and we learned where his nickname originated.

What next for Bran?

With an undead army hot on his heels, and his protector, the Three Eyed Crow, overrun – things are not looking good for Brandon. He’s currently enjoying a sled ride pulled by poor Meera as she jogs through the eternal winter.

Did you know?

One fan theory suggests that Bran might use his new time-travelling skills to build The Wall. Legend has it The Wall (and Winterfell) was built by a great Stark from long ago called Bran the Builder. Coincidence?

Sansa Stark

D1 151-9 x

Sansa has had a surprisingly decent season so far, escaping from Ramsay and getting picked up by Brienne of Tarth before making her way to find Jon. Now, she’s developed nerves of steel and has implored her half-bro to round up a big army and take over The North once again. After five seasons of being mistreated and beaten, Sansa deserves a decent chance.

What’s next for Sansa?

Well if it’s true that her uncle has a big force to lend, and she can convince some of the northern lords to join with her – then hopefully the future includes her return to Winterfell and popping Ramsay’s head on a spike.

Did you know?

Sansa actress, Sophie Turner, celebrated securing the role by jumping in a swimming pool. She was only 13 at the time, bless.

We’d love to know what you’ve thought of the season so far, so let us know in the comment section below.

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Game of Thrones Mid-Season Catch-Up
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