Freerunning on the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship


Recently, we looked at the stunning range of sports equipment aboard Harmony of the Seas. They really have gone all out with surfing, football and even ice hockey on board. Well, it looks like Royal Caribbean have taken that to the next level. Freerunner and Star Wars actor, Pip Andersen, has been let loose on their new cruise ship – which just happens to be the biggest in the world.

In case you didn’t know…

Freerunning is an athletic discipline that combines running and jumping with gymnastics and risky improvised stunts. It originates from the practice of parkour – taking on obstacle courses as a sport, although the terms ‘parkour’ and ‘freerunning’ are used interchangeably quite a bit.

The idea is that anything, anywhere, any environment can be an obstacle course. And of course, Royal Caribbean have proven this by letting Pip Anderson go freerunning on the Harmony of the Seas. Pip Andersen, for those who don’t know, was the lead storm-trooper in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. He’s also a professional freerunner – quite a unique combination of talents.

Don’t try this at home

The video, posted on Royal Caribbean’s YouTube channel, shows the skilled professional running wild on the impressive vessel. Andersen can be seen limbering up, before mounting the ship’s massive exterior. Running, jumping, climbing, and flipping, he also takes time to sample some of the ship’s luxuries. A dip – or flip – in the pool, a dive onto one of many beds, he even finds time to have a drink served by a robotic arm. At 1,188 feet in length and with space for nearly 9,000 people, he definitely had his work cut out trying to cover it all.

The film is described as the “ultimate virtual tour of the world’s largest cruise ship” by Royal Caribbean. They’re not wrong. The two-minute adrenaline shot showcases the best of Harmony of the Seas. While you watch him run and leap around, you really get a feeling of how stunning the ship is. The vast gardens, beautifully decorated lobbies and bars and even the surf station that he stops to try out. Harmony of the Seas was definitely worth the two and a half years it took to build.

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