Four Cruise Ship Secrets You May Not Know


While cruise ships may appear a certain way from the surface, they’re actually hiding some surprising secrets that keep everything running like clockwork. Want to know more? We’ve hunted down four insider secrets that ever the most seasoned of cruisers may not be aware of.

Crew members work hard, and play hard

Cruise ship crew members are famous for their incredible service that goes above and beyond expectations. With many members often slogging out four to six month shifts before heading home for a break, it’s only fair that they should get to enjoy themselves a little too. Below decks, they let their hair down at staff bars, nightclubs, swimming pools, gyms and dining halls!

You’re being watched!

Ever been surprised when a crew member addresses you by your first name from the word go or remembers the way you like your eggs six months after your first cruise? On luxury vessels where service is paramount, crew members actively study passenger information from a central database before, during and after setting sail. If you return for a second sailing, chances are the new crew will be clued up on everything from your name to how many sugars you like in your tea.

Cruise ships have morgues

With a large fan base of elderly passengers, as well as the very minor risk of accidents or illness, most large ships have a small morgue just in case a passenger should pass away.

Captains hand over to computers

He may enjoy a seriously illustrious reputation but the captain actually hands over the wheel to a computer for most of the cruise. Using autopilot, the computer plays a vital role in getting you from A to B. That is until the ship is entering port, exiting port of navigating difficult weather. If you ever manage to score an invitation to the captain’s table you can quiz him on the ins and outs of sailing a ship first hand.

Next time you head off on a cruise, keep these insider secrets in mind and see if you can uncover any new ones for yourself!

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