Fjords Galore for Norwegian TV Viewers


This week, a staggering 2.5 million people have been mesmerized by a live broadcast from a cruise ship sailing along the coast of Norway.

11 cameras were placed on the MS NordNorge as it sailed over 1,500 miles from Bergen to Kirkenes which is close to the Russian border. They also filmed the ship from afar, from other vessels and from cameras set up in all of the ports in which the ship docked on it’s journey.

The popularity of the show has shocked everyone and social media seems to have contributed to it’s success. Discussions have been going on on Twitter and facebook all week, prompting spontaneous gatherings with spectators waving flags and cheering on the ship as it goes along it’s route.

Although much of the programme has commentary added to it, some of the show is simply a silent broadcast of the beautiful scenery which is abundant in Norway. The Fjords at nighttime have been particularly popular with viewers, who seem to be enjoying the break from fast paced life, having the chance to simply watch the world go by instead.

The show has been a surprise hit in Norway and who knows, it could prompt other cruise lines to make their own “reality tv” shows on the high seas?


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