Fast Packing Challenge from Royal Caribbean


The latest promotion from Royal Caribbean is a novel one to say the least. The cruise line is challenging travel agents to try and break the Guinness world record for packing a suitcase as fast as possible. They have named the promotion “Pack More In” – Rather appropriate!

The fun challenge has gone out to all sales teams working in travel agents which offer Royal Caribbean cruise holidays. The aim of this promotion is to show visually how much can be done on a cruise holiday from Royal Caribbean, from onboard activities to excursions – too much to pack in!

The winners of the challenge will win a fab Royal Caribbean cruise holiday, allowing them to experience all of the activities available themselves, and they will also of course win the title of “Guinness World Record Holders”!!

There are of course rules to make everything fair, 20 items have to be packed into the suitcase and 5 of these items are clothes that the record breaker was wearing prior to the challenge beginning. The clothes can’t all just be shoved in either, they have to be folded neatly and packed properly!

Royal Caribbean has long been known for it’s innovative cruise ships and now it seems they are getting innovative with their promotions too! Sure sounds more fun than your standard $40 free onboard credit!


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