Everybody Say Awwwwwww!

You might be wondering what on earth this little cutie has to do with cruise ships and cruise holidays but this gorgeous orangutan called Silvestre has made his way from Spain to Dorset in the UK on a cruise ship!
The orangutan was born in a Spanish zoo, but after being abandoned by his mum (who could abandon something with a face that sweet?), Monkey World in Dorset are taking him in. Silvestre will be well looked after in his new home, surrounded by other orangutans who have been rescued from all kinds of situations.
To make sure Silvestre arrived in the UK safely and happily, he was given his very own room onboard a cruise ship to travel in. Not satisfied with just one bed, this furry passenger had four beds to choose from and an ocean view stateroom by the looks of it!
The cheeky little monkey spent most of his time onboard the cruise swinging off ladders and jumping on his beds, but he also received a tour of the ship’s bridge and got to meet the captain. The director of Monkey World said Silvestre was over the moon with his VIP treatment, and no doubt he will be looking to travel in luxury all the time from now on.
The youngster has now arrived safe and sound, and no doubt feeling nice and refreshed after a good nap on one of his four beds. He is settling in well to his new home at Monkey World and will be making friends with other orangutans in no time. Awwww!!

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