Emily Forces Ships to Run for Cover


Who is this Emily character I hear you ask? Well Emily is a tropical storm which has hit the Caribbean… hard! Areas hit the hardest include the US Virgin Island and parts of Puerto Rico, a favourite destination for many cruise lines.

Anyone who has ever been on a cruise ship in high winds will know that it would not be a good idea to be at sea during a tropical storm! Clearly most of the cruise lines agree with this sentiment as several ships were forced to change course and avoid ports to get away from the storm and ensure that their passengers weren’t affected.

Some of the ships affected include:

  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Freedom of the Seas
  • Carnival Dream
  • Carnival Liberty
  • Caribbean Princess
  • Disney Dream

All of these ships were forced to either cancel calls at ports or re-schedule them for a day when the storm had died down. Fortunately, when you are on a cruise ship you have the opportunity to do this, my thoughts go out to those poor holiday makers aboard the islands who were forced to shelter in the basements of their hotels to avoid the strong wind and rains.


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Martin has worked in the travel industry for the past 12 years, starting as a tour operator selling luxury 5* holidays and becoming a cruise specialist for Cruise 1st in 2008.

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