E-coli Outbreak in Europe – Should you be Worried?


Millions of people travel to Europe every year, and a large percentage of these tourists choose to visit the area on a cruise. At each port, cruise ships stock up on supplies to keep them going and keep the passengers (very well) fed until they reach the next port. So it comes as no surprise that people are feeling a little bit anxious about the recent E-Coli outbreak in Europe – the source of which is suspected to be fresh produce from parts of Germany.

The cruise lines have been very quick to act on the recent outbreak and some, such as Princess Cruises and Holland America, have altered their menus to ensure that no raw produce which could possibly be contaminated will be served to guests.

Royal Caribbean have issued a statement to announce their confidence in their supplier, as they deal with the same supplier throughout the cruise season in Europe, their produce can be traced back to it’s roots (no pun intended) with ease.

Thomson cruises have not yet made any changes to their menu but have confirmed that they have been in discussions with suppliers to ensure that no fresh produce coming aboard has arrived from Germany.

Thankfully, the outbreak seems to be dying down now and fewer new cases are being seen each day. We will keep an eye on the situation however and if you are worried about your cruise, we advise you to contact your travel agent for advice.


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