Diverse Choices Of On Board Amenities And Entertainment For Today’s Discerning Cruisers


Today’s discerning cruise passengers are looking for more than just sailing to exotic and exciting countries! On board they are looking for a wider variety of entertainment and amenities than ever before.

No longer are passengers quite happy just a stroll around the promenade decks, swim or simply bask in the sunshine, they are now looking and expecting to be entertained throughout the day and night. With the wide range of cruise deals which are available, the discerning cruiser can now select from the finest ranges of entertainment and amenities which pertain to their particular interests and hobbies to ensure they have the best of both worlds whilst on board.

Princess Cruises offer an extensive range of bespoke entertainment for their passengers, with their Scolarship at Sea programme it is possible for passengers to attend lectures in culinary arts, photography and computer technology, not forgetting their ever popular courses and lectures on maritime history, health and fitness, nutrition, politics along with a whole host of other events to keep their passengers fully occupied throughout their voyage! These options are above the usual port of call excursions, and high-class nightly entertainment which has come to be expected by experienced and novice cruisers alike.

Offering more destinations than any other cruise company there are wide and very varied itineraries which not only have been introduced to keep returning cruisers happy. but also Princess Cruises have taken on board, quite literally, the need to extend their facilities in order to meet consumer demands. Their cruises cater for all age ranges with special facilities for young children as well as teenagers, making these ideal cruises for families.

As cruises are becoming one of the most popular ways to spend holiday time the cruise companies are keeping ahead of current and emerging trends on the consumer market by continually updating and rethinking their entertainment schedules. Princess Cruises offer 24-hour dining facilities as well as the more conventional styled restaurants, to suit all pallets and taste buds!


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