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Here at Cruise1st, we get asked frequently about the many different types of cruise ship cabins available.   To help you decide which room is most suitable for your plans and budget, we’ve put together this handy guide. If you don’t know your stateroom from your suite, just read on to ensure that you choose just the right cabin for you!

Standard Cruise Ship Cabins or “Stateroom” (interior)

It makes sense to start with the most common type of cruise ship accommodation, standard cabins (or “staterooms”). The standard cabins are located in the interior of the ships and are typically the most economical. These cabins are certainly a good choice for those on a budget. However, while you save on the cost of the room, these interior cabins more than often lack windows. So if you are looking forward to looking at the ocean view, keep in mind the restrictions of the interior cabins. These standard interior cabins do, however, come with everything you’ll need and are usually very professionally fitted to economise on space. You’ll have a bath/shower, a television, a safe for your valuables and some storage space. Normally up to four people can sleep in this type of accommodation.

Ocean View Cabins

The best feature about this type of room is obviously the view! For those who think that a cruise wouldn’t be the same without being able to peer out and view the sea, this is the cabin for you! These rooms also have the great advantage of bringing in natural light. In terms of layout and features, Ocean view rooms are typically very similar to standard interior cabins. So, the real difference here is the fantastic view!

Balcony Cabins

For those who have a slightly larger budget, a balcony cabin can be a happy medium between standard and suite accommodation. With the inclusion of a balcony space, you can relax in private and enjoy the view of the sea. Typically the balconies are large enough for a table and chairs, and the cabins themselves can be larger than the standard rooms. In addition, with sliding glass doors leading out to the balcony, you’ll permanently have a personal view of the ocean from inside your cabin.


There can be quite a lot of variation in suite rooms, but these will certainly be larger than the standard cabins. Some have a separate relaxation space, while others may have an entirely separate second bedroom. Any suite room will always have a balcony area. The features in the suites are upgraded too, often including larger bathrooms. Some cruise lines promote special services in their suites, such as a personal Butler service. So, while a suite will certainly cost more money, they have a range of attractive perks. If you have been planning your cruise for a long time and want to make it that extra bit special, perhaps booking a suite room might just do that!

Solo Cabins

Read our guide to single/solo cabins here.


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