Cruising Myths


Many people have preconceived ideas about cruise holidays, and many of these ideas can be quite negative and very old fashioned. In this post, we hope to put some of those old cruise myths to bed!

1) Seasickness

Many people believe that if they go on a cruise, they will without a doubt get seasick. However, this simply isn’t true. The majority of cruise ships these days are so stable that you will barely feel any movement, and even those with sensitive stomachs can simply take some stomach settling pills until they get used to the motion.

2) Dining with Strangers

Although many cruise lines do still offer the option of dining with other guests, many now also offer the opportunity for you to dine alone with the rest of your party – yes, even couples get to sit on a two seat table! Enquire about the different dining options before booking your cruise and you may just be surprised by their flexibility!

3) Overcrowding

For many people who have not been on a cruise, it can be hard to imagine that a boat carrying upwards of 2000 passengers won’t be crowded. However, it is often hard to grasp just how huge modern day cruise ships are, and the massive range of facilities and activities on board. You would be surprised to learn that yes, you can almost always locate a free sun lounger, and the bars and restaurants will normally have a spare table for you!

4) OAPs

Many people believe that cruising is the perfect way of travelling… if you are over 65! This is one of the most old fashioned views of cruising that still persists today. Ships now have nightclubs, numerous bars, casinos, cinemas, theatres and water sports – all of which appeal to the younger generations. It is true that on some particular itineraries you will find that a lot of passengers are middle aged or above, however this tends to be on more expensive, luxury cruises as this is the age group most likely to be able to afford that type of cruise!

5) Boring

Some people think they will be bored on a cruise ship for 7 days plus, but this needn’t be true at all. There is so much to do on a cruise ship, you can go shopping, get your hair cut, play sports, go to the spa, watch a movie, go to the casino…. the list is endless! Although cruising allows you to relax, there is also plenty to do when you feel more energetic! And just wait till you dock, you will have a fun packed day of exploration, no matter where in the world you are visiting.


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