10 Best Cruise Apps on the Market 2014


With over 70% of Brits now owning a smartphone, the high tech, handheld devices have completely transformed the face of modern communication. Whether you use iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows or any other operating system, the vast number of smartphone compatible apps has made contemporary life easier and more efficient than ever. If you’re heading off on a cruise, the popular phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ has never been truer! And with many great apps not requiring a live signal, you can take advantage of the fantastic technology without racking up an extortionate phone bill! To help make your next cruise holiday as organised and enjoyable as possible, check out our list of top 10 must have cruise apps:

1. Pack the Bag 

Those that have a tendency to stress out at the thought of packing and pre-departure ‘to-do’ lists will love the Pack the Bag app which offers holidaymakers a helping hand when it’s needed most! Featuring over 650 across 26 categories, this app covers everything from clothing to medication. It even lets you set reminders to close the curtains and organise someone to feed the cat!

2. The Weather Channel

There are hundreds of weather apps out there to choose from, but we think The Weather Channel is the best! Reliable, accurate and incredibly easy to use, it allows you to check the weather of destinations across the globe. Whether you’re keeping tabs on the temperature of your departure destination, checking the cloud coverage at you next port of call or gloating at hometown rain from the comfort of your poolside deckchair, this app is a cruise holiday must have!

3. Converter+

Why download a handful of different conversion apps when you can use Converter+, a comprehensive conversion app that helps you out with currency, temperature, distance, weight and volume. When you’re visiting a number of different foreign countries, this app is ultra-useful.

4.Cruise Line Apps

Most cruise lines have embraced the global smartphone trend with open arms and now offer their very own apps. Usually available to download from the company website, cruise line apps will help you keep up to date with all the latest travel news, ship information, and special deals.

5. Cruise Card Control

Stop yourself from overspending with this great app that helps you keep track of all on-board and in-port expenses. From a new tube of toothpaste to a fancy evening of cocktails, you’ll know exactly where all your cash went!

6. Google Translate

For those that want to immerse themselves in the culture of foreign ports, the Google Translate app will help passengers connect with the locals on a whole new level. With the capacity to translate words and phrases into 80 different languages, you’ll never be stuck for directions again!

7. White Noise Lite

If you’re a light sleeper, the White Noise Lite app is the ideal companion to help you get your beauty sleep. Featuring 10 sleep inducing background sounds such as crashing waves, falling rain and even a whirring fan, this app is great for those with cabins near stairways or busy corridors.

8. Flashlight

Whether you fall victim to a cabin blackout or simply want to make a trip to the bathroom without disturbing your cabin mate, this app offers users an instant spotlight at their fingertips.

9. SeaSickness

Cruises are supposed to be relaxing however when sea sickness kicks in, they can be a nightmare. Beat the wobbly legs and churning stomach with the SeaSickness app, an innovative creation that displays a virtual horizon to help you stay steady.

10. Help Call

While it’s nice to think that your cruise will go smoothly, it’s always best to be prepared. Supported by 126 countries, Help Call will ensure that you have assistance at the touch of a button.

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