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Whether you have been on cruises before or you are looking to go on your first cruise ever – when browsing through the offers on our website you will quickly see that there are many different offers. That can be very confusing at first. But in the end it’s always about giving you the best packages for the best possible prices. That is why we offer a selected range of cruises and then package them for you. Most cruise lines offer some form of packages, as well, such as all-inclusive packages. However, these cover only parts of what complete packages offer, for example drinks and gratuities. What are the advantages of booking pre-packaged trips opposed to just the cruise, even with added packages?

Security and comfort thanks to cruise packages

security and comfort thanks to cruise packages

The fact that packages cover your whole trip enables you not to worry, as policies protect you from any problems. In that way you have more security than if you booked everything on your own. Because everything is packaged, you have everything in one place and therefore if something went wrong you could always go back to the company you booked your cruise with. This also means that you get all the information from one place and if you had questions, you would only have to call in one place, as opposed to booking with many different parties and then contacting all these different places. Your transportation to the cruise may be delayed, for whatever reason. In that case you are covered and the company takes care of you as opposed to a scenario where you booked everything by yourself meaning you are responsible. This not only includes the stress that you might encounter in trying to work out alternatives in those situations, but also how to make sure you get to the cruise on time and everything related to your trip. So cruise packages give you security, because they take worries away from you. They also give you loads of comfort because everything on the ship is taken care of. You don’t have to expect any bill afterwards, because you pay for everything up front.

Those who prefer security and comfort will appreciate pre-packaged trips. They appeal to everyone that enjoys getting to their destination in an easy and comfortable way. Furthermore, they mostly offer a greater price-performance ratio than single bookings, even with additional packages.

Arrival and departure

arrival and departure

Having your arrival arranged is so much more comfortable. That not only includes the arrival itself, but also the planning process. It can be a hassle to figure out what flights to take so that you can arrive on time with a buffer. And then how do you get to the airport? How do you get from the airport to the harbour? The same goes for the way back home. When booking a complete package, you do not have to worry about that. There is no better feeling than finding a contact person at the airport that takes care of you so that you only have to hop on the bus that drives you to the ship. That also means that you do not have to look for a taxi, which is especially nice considering that you probably will not be the only one that needs to get to the vessel. Some packages also include an overnight stay in the city of departure. That is especially helpful for passengers with long journeys. Or those who simply want to explore the city of departure (look here for an overview of the best cruise ports and inspiration on what to do). Hotel stays after the cruise are also possible.

Beverage packages

Beverage packages

Enjoying yourself doesn’t only include relaxation in the spa but can also come in the form of beverages, whether that is a glass of wine at a nice dinner with amazing people or coffee during the day. Many cruises do not include free beverages at all or limit free consumption. Therefore, adding a beverage package to your cruise may make a lot of sense. Packages can include everything from soft drinks only to all-inclusive. Even if prices are moderate aboard, they may add up to a larger amount over the duration of the cruise. Generally, it is up to everyone individually to decide if a beverage package makes sense.

Cruise packages compared to single bookings

In the end it comes down to personal preference. You could book everything independently from one another or you could go for all-inclusive or simply add certain packages that you need. It depends on what you value and what you need on a cruise. Ultimately, booking your cruise as a complete package may be cheaper, safer and more comfortable than booking it independently.

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