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There are so many cruising options out there and although I have been lucky enough to have ticked some of them off my list, there are still others that are desperately calling my name and in 2016, I will embark on one of them.

For me, travel is far more than just packing a bag and heading off to a sun soaked beach in Spain for 2 weeks. I enjoy the sense of complete freedom that takes over my mind when I travel. I thrive on the cultural experiences and the chance to see and do new things. It really is the combined package that attracts me and I am truly never happier than when I am exploring this wonderful planet.

Queen Mary 2

So, what’s on my cruise bucket list? Well, first and foremost is a transatlantic crossing aboard Queen Mary 2 from Southampton to New York. I have wanted to do this voyage since I first started cruising and in July 2016, I will finally get to experience it. I absolutely cannot wait. I am positive that it will be one of my cruising highlights for many years to come. Another special aspect of this trip is that I am actually going to stay in the USA for 16-days before sailing back to Southampton, once again, aboard Queen Mary 2. Let’s just say it is a trip that I have been working towards for a very, very long time. It’s not the exact trip I originally planned several years ago, but it is most certainly one that is going to be epic.

Far Flung Destinations

I would also very much like to do an expedition cruise one day to Antarctica. I really don’t like to fly, so these types of cruises are a little harder for me to come by, but I am confident that one day I will get to do this. I even have the thermals to hand thanks to the Arctic Circle cruise I enjoyed in March 2014.

The Panama Canal is also still on my list. I have done a partial transit through the Gatun Locks, but I would like to transit the entire thing one day and then sail to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

French Polynesia and the South Pacific, if they got any higher up my list they would fall off the top of the page! I have dreamed about tropical shores like these since I was a child and one day I truly hope I can go from island to island aboard a beautiful ship. The Caribbean is superb and I could never tire of it, but it’s not quite the paradise that we find in the likes of Bora Bora or Nuku Hiva, is it? I envision it to be an entirely different way of life: no stresses, no strains, just people enjoying living.

Dreaming of New Orleans

One of my bucket list destinations is New Orleans and I will also be blessed with the chance to visit here in 2016, in fact, I will be there in February, so I haven’t long to wait at all. The countdown has officially begun. I have wanted to visit New Orleans for as long as I can remember and on my next cruise we have an overnight port call there. I intend to stay ashore as long as possible and soak up every last bit of that Nolia atmosphere.

So, they are just some of the things I am working my way towards. I don’t want a big flash car or a posh house, I just want to travel and explore new places. We are constantly growing in life and with that growth comes knowledge. – what better way to get that knowledge than through first-hand experience.

Travel is the only thing that makes you richer!

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