Cruise Miss on Her Dream Lido Deck


What if you could design your own section of a cruise ship? What would you include? I don’t mean design the entire ship, maybe just one deck, the Lido Deck for example.

I am sure everyone would come up with different things and it could end up being a weird and wonderful collection of treats, but to be honest, if I were designing my own Lido Deck, I don’t think I would change much at all. There would be the obligatory bar, swimming pool, a collection of sun loungers and some kind of outdoor grill where currywurst was always included on the menu (I like currywurst, very much!) even though I suppose it’s not really a grill item everyone would want. I think I would also add a “grab-and-go” section, like they have on Britannia. You can grab a fresh sandwich, small snack or tasty dessert and be on your way. I suppose it’s a little bit like the sandwich and light snack section in supermarkets only in this instance you can just pick it up and walk away – no payment is required. It’s a great alternative to a grill as let’s face it, we don’t always want hot food at lunch time, especially if it’s red hot outside.

A fluent Lido Deck

As I said, my Lido Deck would be pretty much like the Lido Deck on hundreds of ships sailing our oceans today, but there would be one thing I would add and with a smile on my face! I would have a system built in to each sun lounger that ensured the chair would refuse to move if it was being dragged into an area on the deck that was going to cause an obstruction for people walking through. You know, like that magic system they have on supermarket trolleys, that’s what I would use on sun loungers. I’ve done many cruises and one of my biggest frustrations is when people re-arrange the deck furniture to a point where others cannot walk through without it feeling like an obstacle course. One cruise, I watched a lady huff, puff and tut at an elderly woman because the latter was too frail to “jump” over the sun lounger that the woman had moved and blocked the through route with. I thought it was incredibly rude and I made a point of getting up and moving other loungers so that people could actually walk from one side of the deck to the other, in a straight line.

Dream Lido Deck

I don’t think I would have zip-lines or water parks etc., we have enough ships with those, but you can’t beat a typical cruise ship deck where all you want and need to do is sit down and relax. Actually, maybe I would have a water park, but a very small one and at the other end of the deck. This could be a place for the kids to pump up that adrenalin and have a good time without having to be under everyone’s toes. Yes, that sounds like a plan to me! 😉

Simple and relaxing

My blog today is just a bit of fun, but it also lets me remind you that your cruise doesn’t HAVE to be fully loaded with over the top rides and attractions in order for you to have a good time. Cruise ships are leaving the shipyards these days bigger and bolder than the ones before them, and I just like to occasionally remind people that you can have just as much fun relaxing in the sun with some music and a book, as you can while being whisked down a waterslide from the top deck.


Typing this is really making me wish I was on a Mediterranean cruise right now, soaking up all the sunshine on the top deck. I cruise a lot more than the average person and I still miss it when I’m forced to spend time on land – it should be against the law!


What would you include on your Lido Deck?

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Cruise Miss on her dream Lido Deck
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Cruise Miss on her dream Lido Deck
What if you could design your own section of a cruise ship? What would you include?
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