Cruise Business Brings Boom not Bust to Southampton


It has been reported that due to the booming cruise industry in Southampton, many local businesses have seen their profits increase dramatically as cruising becomes more popular. With the Norwegien Epic due to arrive later this year, it is likely that business in the area will improve further as thousands of travellers flock to the port to sail aboard this fantasic new ship.

Southampton holds over 65% of the UK cruise market, with other ports rarely getting a mention. In 1997, a total of 97 cruises left from Southampton, between them carrying 200,000 passengers. However, in 2011 it is expected that around 1.4 millions passengers will leave, on board a massive 360 departures from the port.

Each cruise ship that docks in Southampton port brings around £1.2 million to the local economy. When you multiply that up by the amount of ships arriving and leaving the port, it is a very substantial sum!

Many businesses which you would not at first associate with cruising are reaping the benefits of the industry. Taxi services for example, have benefitted from transfers to and from the dock. More directly affected are food business, providing all the ingredients for the fine dining experience offered up on some of the luxury liners.

Southampton is currently a home port for cruise ships belonging to the biggest names in cruising, P&O, Royal Caribbean and Cunard even have their own dedicated terminals. It is thought that the port is so attractive because it is very close to many major sea routes, and also, it has a double tide which gives up to 17 hours of standing or rising water each day.


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  1. ian kruger on

    Yes Southampton is Booming, there is no place like Southampton, the people of Southampton are very Special, and the atmosphere is filled with kindness, and the people seem more friendly than elsewhere. Southampton is a people place, where people are respected, and more than just numbers, or buisness oppurtunity to make money, Southampton Loves people, and that is one reason for the continuing growth, and success. Southampton may be a city, yet has the feel of a town, which I believe is down to the community spirit of the wonderful people of Southampton, we are tops for an atmosphere of welcome, friendliness, kindness, respect, and all that makes Southampton, and its people Special.