Could Carnival Cruise Lines Be Changing Its Name in 2015?


Who would’ve thought that just one letter could cause so much commotion?

Over the past few weeks Carnival Cruise Lines has been at the centre of international speculation regarding whether or not it’s going to drop the ‘s’ from its name and rechristen itself as Carnival Cruise Line.

Since launching its debut voyage in 1972 the line has referred to itself as a plural entity. Yet according to inside sources this could soon become a distant memory. Several official documents released by Carnival Cruise Lines (or should we say Carnival Cruise Line) have referred to the company in singular form.

Vance Gulliksen, a spokesman for Carnival revealed to USA today that an official name change is on the horizon, explaining “Yes, we are gradually changing the name to Carnival Cruise Line (singular). This is a gradual change that is more closely tied to how Carnival Corp. & plc refers to its other brands.”

While it is a newsworthy story we think Carnival could have been a little more creative if it really felt the need to make a change in 2015. So what do we think Carnival should change its name to? Here are some of our top suggestions!

CarniVINO Cruise Line

In 2015 Carnival announced an official wine partnership with US TV presenter Kathie Lee Gifford. It will see her exclusive collection of Gifft wines rolled out across the fleet. We think a name change to CarniVINO Cruise Line would be the perfect way to mark the occasion!

World Domination Cruises

According to information revealed in the latest Carnival fact sheet the company is the largest cruise line in the world, hosting an estimated 4.5 million guests in 2014. Why be modest? A name change to World Domination Cruises would be more than apt!


While Royal Caribbean is the longstanding ruler of Caribbean waters we think Carnival could give it a run for its money! With 18 ships sailing throughout the region’s 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays a switch to CarniCaribbean would be very fitting.Could Carnival Cruise Lines Be Changing Its Name in 2015?

Have you got any catchy name change ideas? We want to hear them!

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