City Guide – Split


The second largest city of Croatia, the beautiful old settlement of Split incorporates 1,700 years of history and culture, surrounded by a peninsula of stunning beaches. Charmingly untouched by the effects of over-tourism, Split retains its authenticity and integrity, still showcasing the scars of its nation’s troubled past within the region of Dalmatia.

During this time of peace in Croatia, Split has developed a certain momentum with more restaurants, bars and cafes opening their doors every year – giving you a taste of the city. A wonderful family destination, the city boasts a Mediterranean climate, incredible panoramic views across the peninsula and an insight into everyday Croatian life.


Much like Croatia’s more prominent destination, Dubrovnik; Split has enjoyed a little surge in tourism after serving as a shooting location for HBO’s hugely popular Game of Thrones show. The ancient walls and castles combined with the roaring sun of the city proved perfect for many of the show’s more exotic locations, including Braavos and Meereen.

Klis Fortress - Claire Cox

Klis Fortress was used to portray the ancient city of Meereen during the show’s scenes in which Daenerys struggled to maintain control over the first kingdom she had ever come to truly rule. Other shooting locations in and around Split, include Kaštel Gomilica, used as the setting for the Free City of Braavos, haunted by Arya Stark on her assassination quests.


Much of Split’s culinary offerings originate from the sea, unsurprising for an ancient city perched on the water’s edge. Located a short distance from the main streets of eateries, Šperun offers some of the very best seafood in the city within a charmingly rustic setting. The Brujet (seafood stew) is a great example of classic Dalmatian cuisine – containing several types of fish built with wonderful levels of simplicity.


Croatian wines are amongst the worst kept secrets in the wine buff world, with their popularity growing exponentially. Visiting Split is a great opportunity to sample some wine varieties you may not have tried before, and the prices are wonderfully low – the perfect accompaniment for a meal under the Croatian sky.

Sarah Sampsel - Croatia Wine

Wine & Cheese Bar Paradox offers a great selection of the local plonk, and the knowledgeable staff can take you on a journey of discovery of the local region’s wine – pairing them perfectly with Croatian and international cheeses.


Located between the Old Town and the seafront, you simply can’t top the positioning of the Hotel Marmont. Built in an ancient 15th century building, the enigmatic hotel offers surprisingly chic bedrooms and amenities within its four walls.

The outdoor terrace is a fantastic setting to enjoy a drink or two, and watch the spirit of Split unfold in front of your eyes.


Like many old cities on the mainland of the continent, Split doesn’t offer a significant selection of hearty breakfasts. But if you’re in the mood for something substantial in the morning but don’t want to revert to anglicised favourites, burek is perhaps the wisest option. This delicacy made of layers of filo pastry filled with cheese and meat is available from most bakeries, shops and cafes, providing an incredible release of endorphins first thing in the AM.

Coralie Ferreira - Burek

Split is just one of the destinations visited by Cruise1st itineraries, taking in this wonderful city as part of a trip around the wonders of Europe and further afield. For a full range of great Cruise1st deals, visit our homepage or call us today on 0808 2746 777.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Elena, Claire Cox, Sarah Sampsel, Coralie Ferreira

City Guide – Split
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City Guide – Split
Here, we explore the ancient, beautiful city of Split on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

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