Celebrity Cruises Trialling ‘Progressive’ Dining


From Dynamic Dining to Food Heroes, via just about every cuisine you could possibly think of, cruise lines are really pushing the boundaries when it comes to on-board dining. And Celebrity Cruises are taking things one step further with their new ‘Progressive’ dining programme, giving passengers the chance to sample dishes in a number of on-board restaurants as part of a single experience.

Some of you may be familiar with progressive dinner parties, the relatively new phenomenon wherein every course of a dinner party is enjoyed in a different home. Taking this to the seas, Celebrity Cruises have adapted the funky way of eating so guests can enjoy five different courses, each from a different restaurant, all in one evening.

The new experience is available on select sailings and can only be enjoyed upon request, but it looks set to provide a unique experience for dedicated gourmets, fancying an eclectic meal. This unique dining concept could lead to an endless number of course combinations – perfect for the adventurous diner.

Wine pairings throughout the courses are also provided for the guests, helping them truly make the most of their dining experience.

It is not entirely clear how the food and beverage manager arrives at the decision whether to arrange progressive dining on each cruise, but maître d’ requests are thought to encourage the dining team to accommodate this culinary experience.

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Progressive dining is sometimes called safari supper (a far better name, we believe) here in the UK. Some variations of this form of dining include participants having to decipher clues in order to identify where the next course will be served, a sort of treasure hunt dinner party. To add a little consistency, some organisers like to impose a culinary theme on the event – although we believe that removes some of the fun of a truly eclectic and unique dining experience.

Boosting the popularity of the dining concept, progressive dining is becoming an increasingly popular way to raise money for charity and meeting new neighbours and more members of the wider community. We reckon it would also be a good way to meet fellow guests on a cruise holiday.

So if you fancy the chance at trying progressive dining with Celebrity Cruise, check out our great range of deals, here, or call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777. But don’t forget to place the request with your maître d’ and waiting team.

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Celebrity Cruises Trialling ‘Progressive’ Dining
Celebrity Cruises are currently hosting progressive dining experiences, allowing guests to eat in multiple venues in a single night.

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