What does Cashless Cruise Mean?


Cashless cruises are fantastic for people who don’t enjoy the hassle of carrying cash with them, allowing them to pay for any additional goods and services by simply signing their name. On cashless cruises, all passengers are given a personalised cruise card upon which all additional costs are charged and the card also acts as the room key.

This means that you just have to carry your cruise card when shopping aboard the ship.

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How does it Work?

Simply register your credit card when checking in and this will be charged when payments are added to the cruise card. Debit cards can be used in lieu of credit cards but funds need to be available in the account.

On the majority of cruises offering this service, you do not need to visit the reception upon disembarking to settle the bill. An itemised bill will be delivered to your room on the morning of disembarkation.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to leave your credit card details when embarking the ship, you can leave a cash deposit which will then be used to pay for any charges you make to the cruise card. This may be preferable for passengers who want to keep a finite budget. Additional funds can be added partway through the cruise if you are running low.

Exceptions to the Rules

On-board casinos often present an exception to the rules, requiring cash, traveller’s cheques, personal cheques or a credit/debit card. This is to make the transaction of moneys to and from the house simpler and more efficient for both the liner and for the passenger.

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Drinks bought in the casinos can be charged to the cruise card.

Complimentary services, meals and drinks do not require the use of a cruise card.

Can I Monitor my Expenditure?

If at any point during the cruise you feel unsure about the cruise card service or are curious as to how much credit you have remaining, visit the ship’s Purser’s Desk. The Purser will be able to talk through your expenditure and remaining credit. It is advisable to avoid leaving this endeavour until the last day as this is a notoriously busy time for the Purser.

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