Carnival Booze Cruise! “All you can drink” package


Carnival to release all you can drink packages across their fleet?

Carnival Cruise lines recently launched their “My Awesome Bar Program” aboard the Carnival Victory.  Since Victory’s 5th August departure guests have been able to opt for a $42.95 per person, per day all-you-can-drink package.  It includes a wide selection of wines, beer, soda, spirits, bottled water and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Guests may only purchase one drink at a time, and each individual drink must cost less than $10.  For cruisers wishing to splash out on a vintage wine, or champagne will receive a 25% discount.  Carnivals’ specialty coffee is not included.

“Exploring the possibility”

Vance Gulliksen, Carnivals’ spokesman said that convenience and value is the reason the cruise line is exploring the possibility of all-inclusive beverage options across its’ fleet.

Passengers sign up for “My Awesome Bar Program” on-board at either the atrium or casino bars.  It is also available at the main pool bar.  If there’s more than one over 21 year old in a cabin, they must all sign up for the program together.

All you can drink packages on other cruise lines:

Other cruise lines have similar packages.  MSC also require everyone in the cabin to sign up to the package whilst Celebrity and Oceania don’t.  Royal Caribbean International has an unlimited beverage package on just three of its international ships.  They also offer pre-purchased wine bundles along with Holland America Line.

Will Carnival extend this to other ships?

So far, there has been no comment from Carnival or indication as to whether the trial will be extended to the fleet’s other ships.

Some of the comments from cruisers include concern about getting ‘value for money’ from the offer, as it equates to a minimum of 6 alcoholic drinks per day, per person.  Whilst this is probably good value for some people, the problem arises if your partner is a non-drinker, pregnant or maybe prefers a drink that isn’t included?


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