How Can the Weather Affect a Cruise Holiday?


If there’s one thing Brits love to do, it’s talking about the weather. The climate on our isle is far from enviable, so we can be forgiven for looking forward to some guaranteed sunshine when we set sail on a cruise holiday.

But what happens if your cruise is hit by bad weather? That’s your holiday ruined, surely? While rain and stormy weather may darken your mood at first, there are plenty of ways to ensure your cruise holiday is memorable for the right reasons.

Make the Most of the Facilities

Come rain or shine, cruise liners offer a huge selection of things to do, from luxurious dining experiences to catching the latest blockbusters, from relaxing by the pool to a rejuvenating spa day. If anything, sunshine means you’re less likely to utilise the facilities on board, as you’re more inclined to be sunning yourselves on deck. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, simply head inside and take full advantage of the huge range of things to do on board. Keep your eye on the weather forecast, and be sure to book those experiences that require reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Plan Your Excursions

When your liner arrives in port, most passengers’ itineraries will remain the same irrespective of the weather. But if the heavens have opened and you don’t fancy getting drenched, it’s a good idea to plan a day out which doesn’t involve wandering through botanical gardens or historical ruins. Head to the museums, art galleries or even a quirky shopping arcade instead. Port cities like Barcelona and New York have a wealth of cultural and historic attractions for you to enjoy without being exposed to the elements.

Pack for Every Eventuality

When packing for a holiday it can be tempting to leave the anorak and thick jumper at home, but we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. It’s a good idea to pack some warmer clothes – a pashmina or a smart sweater – as even during the summer months it can get chilly in the evenings. If you’re planning a more adventurous cruise it’s wise to ensure you have a pair of comfortable shoes for days exploring cities. Sometimes sandals just aren’t suitable.


Hurricane Season: Be Prepared

If you’re planning a cruise to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexican Riviera or even Canada or New England during hurricane season (1 June – 30 November), it’s sensible to prepare for the worst. While it’s unlikely that your particular voyage will be affected by a hurricane, it’s important to keep it in mind while planning.

Flights to and from your destination could be disrupted, and the original itinerary could change if there is a chance of the ship sailing into at-risk waters. If you like to book your own shore excursions, these may be affected should your cruise miss a port because of a hurricane risk. It’s a good idea to ensure that your holiday insurance covers disruption in case of weather-related events.

Whilst we can’t control the weather, the Cruise1st UK team can help manage almost every other aspect of a cruise holiday. From helping you find your perfect itinerary to booking on-board extras, Cruise1st UK can tailor a cruise package for your needs, tastes and budget. For a full range of Cruise deals aboard the world’s most incredible ships visiting beautiful destinations, visit our homepage or call us today on 0808 2746 777.

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How Can the Weather Affect a Cruise Holiday?
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How Can the Weather Affect a Cruise Holiday?
Are you concerned that unpredictable weather could affect your cruise plans? Cruise1st UK investigates potential weather pitfalls and on-board solutions.

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