Can I Cruise Whilst Pregnant?


As your pregnancy develops and nears the end of its term, it feels as though more and more things become out of reach (both literally and figuratively). Sadly, holidaying can be one of those things with many travel operators unwilling to carry heavily pregnant expectant mothers.

At Cruise1st, one of the questions we are asked most frequently is “Can I Cruise Whilst Pregnant?”. And the answer is always “Sometimes.” Each of the different cruise lines have different approaches when it comes to welcoming expectant mothers aboard – allowing pregnant women on the ship up to different stages of their pregnancy.

To help answer some of the additional questions and concerns about cruising during pregnancy, we have put together this video as part of our healthy cruising collection. The video answers some of the more pertinent and personal questions – meaning you’re fully set and ready to sail.

We understand that one of the potential problems is booking a cruise trip nine months or more into the future and then falling pregnant as you await embarkation day. At Cruise1st, we will help you determine whether you’d meet the requirements to make it on board the ship, and present you with the full range of options if your pregnancy means you cannot sail.

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If you fall into the ‘fit to travel’ group, but have not yet booked your next unforgettable cruise experience, Cruise1st will be able to help you out. With an amazing selection of cruise deals travelling to every corner of the globe aboard the world’s best-loved ships, Cruise1st can help you find your perfect cruise. For a full range of deals, visit our homepage or call our dedicated team on 0808 2746 777.

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Can I Cruise Whilst Pregnant?
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Can I Cruise Whilst Pregnant?
Cruise1st helps answer questioned posed by expectant mothers who have booked a cruise holiday with this video.

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