British Cruisers Breath Sigh of Relief as Strikes are Called off


For years now, cruise passengers in the UK have had to live with the worry of strikes from one of the biggest airlines – British Airways. The company has had disputes with staff which seem to have been going on forever and it seems like every few months there is a threat of staff members going on strike.

This is bad for anyone flying with British Airways, but even worse if you have a cruise ship to meet at the other end of your flight. The last thing you want is to be worried about missing the boat (quite literally).

Finally though, the whole dispute has been settled between the airline and the union representing the cabin crew, Unite. After several strikes, and lots of money lost for BA, it is all over so there is a sigh of relief being breathed from all sides.

As only 28 days of notice has to be given by cabin crew before a strike, it can have a major impact on holidaymakers when there is a threat of a strike going ahead in the near future. It made it feel like a little bit of a flight lottery as you never really knew for sure when the strike would come and whether your flight would be affected until a few weeks beforehand. At this point it can often be tricky to find seats on another flight as it is pretty late notice.

Hopefully from now on anyone using BA to fly to their cruise departure point can relax, safe in the knowledge that the flight will be going ahead and you aren’t going to miss the start of your much anticipated cruise holiday!


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