Britannia by Numbers. 3, 2, 1, Let’s Sail!


As the biggest ever ship built for the British market, the launch of P&O’s Britannia has caused quite the buzz! So much so that Her Majesty the Queen was even on-hand to officially christen the vessel. Now that’s some serious sway. To celebrate, we’ve put together a numbers driven low-down of some of her most impressive features.

1082 – This is how long Britannia is in feet. If she was flipped vertically, this would make the vessel taller than the Eiffel Tower!

141,000 – In total, Britannia weighs in at a titanic 141,000 tonnes!

1837 – There’s plenty of choice on the Britannia, which boasts 1837 cabins

27 – Flying solo, Britannia features 27 specially designed singles cabins

4372 – Britannia is capable of hosting a huge 4372 passengers. That’s more than the capacity of the Royal Albert Hall!

22 – Despite her size, Britannia is able to clock up an impressive 22 knots

1350 – Sailing with Britannia? You’ll be treated to five star customer service from the ship’s 1350 crew members

443 – On par with the London Eye, Britannia stands 443 feet tall

27 – Love to eat, drink and be merry? On-board Britannia you’ll find 27 venues to get your fill

70 – Britannia is a brew lovers paradise, with 70 beers, ales and ciders sourced from across the UK

6000 – Cultured and erudite, Britannia is peppered with 6000 works of art

20 – Fancy a sundowner G&T? Britannia’s bartenders serve up 20 artisan gins from around the world. Whether you choose lemon, lime or cucumber is up to you

61,600 – Four swimming pools, 61,600 gallons of water and a whole lot of splashing are set to take place on Britannia’s decks

660 – Shop ‘till you drop at Britannia’s 660 square metres of retail space

473 – Ships like this don’t come cheap, with Britannia’s total build cost estimated at £473 million

3 – She may be one-of-a-kind but in total, three ships have sailed under the name Britannia

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Sail on the biggest ever ship built for the British market!

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