Boozy Cruises with Royal Caribbean


Royal Caribbean have announced that they will be offering “all you can drink” packages for a set price, per person, per day. At present, Royal Caribbean cruises do not have inclusive drinks packages in place, however their sister cruise line, Celebrity have been offering such packages for a long time and they have always proven to be very popular.

I will give you the prices of the packages and let you know what they include so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you think they are worth it. I think the thing to remember is that it probably differs from person to person, couple to couple and family to family. Some people are big drinkers, with a taste for cocktails and fancy wines. Others are happy to drink water and soft drinks and clearly, the all you can drink packages are unlikely to be very money saving for these people.

The cheapest package costs $29 per day, per person and this includes house wine by the glass, and all brews. You also get 25% discount on all other wines and liquors. The next package up costs $39 per person, per day and that includes the same as the first package, but also includes all cocktails and some premium liquors. Personally, I love my cocktails when I’m on a cruise so I think I would have to go for this one!

The final and most expensive package costs $49 per day, per person, and this includes all of the above with additional premium liquors and wines by the glass up to $10.

These packages will not be rolled out across the whole fleet just yet, Royal Caribbean will instead be trialling it out on three of their ships. However, if it is successful and people feel they are getting good value for money, it is very likely that it will be rolled out fleetwide in the future.


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