Why You Should Book Your 2018 Cruise Holiday Now


With the peak summer cruise season coming to an end, you may already be counting the days and weeks until you can do it all again next year. The question is, when’s the best time to book your 2018 cruise break?

Some would tell you to wait until the last minute, to clinch a late booking deal that costs less than what your fellow passengers paid. But that’s a risky business — especially if you’ve already got a destination, ship and cabin class in mind.

In this guide, we offer tips and advice on why booking your 2018 cruise now is the way to go.

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Choice, Choice, Choice

Do you have a wish list of must-haves and must-sees for your next cruise? Then start your planning and research early. Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean in the lap of luxury or whisk the kids away on an action-packed voyage around the Med, booking a year in advance means you can choose from the cream of the cruising crop — with hundreds of destinations, ships and cabins at your fingertips.

Low Introductory Offers

When launching new itineraries and sailings, cruise lines offer introductory deals to generate interest and get people booking. Book now for 2018, and you’ll find lots of new or updated routes at temptingly low prices. As sailings begin to book up, lines raise the fares to the standard rate — so it pays to reserve your place now before prices rise and you miss out on the cheapest options.

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Your Pick of the Best Dining Times

You might not consider things like dining times when choosing when to book a cruise, but it’s details like this that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your holiday. Leave booking until the last minute, and you risk being assigned eating times that aren’t suitable for your family’s needs. Beat the rush, however, and you can make sure mealtimes work around you — and not the other way around.

Perks and Deals for Early Booking

With the 2017 season all but sewn up, deals and offers for 2018 breaks have already begun to emerge, and there are some fantastic perks to be had. From MSC’s free balcony cabin upgrades to sizeable 30% savings with Cruise and Maritime, you can now take advantage of a range of book early deals and discounts for next year. The best way to find early booking offers is to subscribe to mailing lists; you can sign up to receive the latest offers direct from us, here.

Book Early for Peace of Mind on Price

As Brexit looms nearer, the UK’s impending split from Europe promises more economic uncertainty. By booking next year’s cruise now, you can enjoy this year’s rates and the peace of mind that your cruise is booked long before any unexpected price hikes or currency fluctuations. Don’t be left disappointed by rising fares in a tough economic climate; seal the deal today, and look forward to another unforgettable holiday on the high seas.

Refundable Deposit Options Offer Great Flexibility

If you’re keen to book a cruise for next year but are worried something could come up that changes your plans, remember that most cruises can be booked on a refundable deposit basis. You need only pay a small portion of the total fare to hold a cabin onboard a particular ship, and this can be refunded should your plans change in the next few months (provided you cancel within the specified timeframe for a full refund).

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Tourist paying travel agent by credit card

Reserve Your Place on the Most Popular Ships

Whether they’re bigger, more luxurious or laden with amazing features — some cruise ships prove more popular than others, and can see their sailings book up years in advance due to high demand. For some ships, like those in the Royal Caribbean Quantum class, you may already be too late for 2018, so if you’ve got a specific vessel in mind, you can avoid disappointment by booking now rather than later.

Keep the Excitement Coming

With this year’s holiday done and dusted, and Christmas still months away, it’s good to have something to look forward to as we creep towards the colder, drearier time of year. In taking steps to book next year’s getaway now, you’ll have a ray of sunshine on the horizon, for a welcome morale boost in the doldrums of November. Everyone needs something to look forward to, so booking your cruise today will keep the excitement coming.

Whether you decide to book early or wait until the last minute, Cruise1st UK has a range of early and late booking offers to help make your 2018 cruise that little bit more affordable. To find out more, visit the homepage or call our friendly team on 0808 2746 777.

Why You Should Book Your 2018 Cruise Holiday Now
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Why You Should Book Your 2018 Cruise Holiday Now
In this guide, we offer tips and advice on why booking your 2018 cruise now is the way to go.

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