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A million miles from Pong and Space Invaders, modern computer games are developing their own cultures and communities – with thousands of passionate players even claiming to be professional gamers.

With the top gamers able to earn millions in rewards and prizes at top events, the clamour to become a card carrying pro is more intense that ever – requiring the same level of dedication as some professional athletic disciplines.

This has led to the big computer gaming companies striking deals all over the world to ensure passionate gamers have near-constant access to the games upon which they base their livelihoods – increasing the gaming services provided by many cruise lines.

So whether someone in your ranks is a passionate gamer, or you fancy a casual game of FIFA during a sea day – we’ve put together this guide to best cruise ships for gamers.

Anthem of the Seas


The Xbox lounge of the Anthem of the Seas benefits from the ship’s high speed internet access. Capable of connecting on-board players to their land-based counterparts – the lounge is great for video game fans who like to pit their wits against players from all around the world. A wide range of games are available for guests, and the comfortable plush chairs are perfect when in the midst of a long battle with a foe.

The futuristic lounge perfectly befits the Anthem of the Seas, the second member in the world’s most technologically advanced class of cruise ships.

Norwegian Breakaway


One for the more casual gamer, the Norwegian Breakaway features a Nintendo Wii connected to a two-story screen. Whether you want a massive game of Mario Kart or to indulge in the ever-popular Wii Bowling – the mammoth screen is great for getting the whole family involved. And naturally, for the professional gamer, the Wii can provide a chance to unwind and relax on holiday whilst keep those lightning fast reactions finely tuned.

Oasis of the Seas


Are you more of an old school gamer who prefers to be stood up against a classic arcade unit? Then the Oasis of the Seas may be the perfect cruise ship for your tastes. The video game arcade lets you go back to basics and enjoy the likes of Pac Man. There is something for all ages and generations in the comprehensive video game arcade aboard this massive vessel – with modern games such as Guitar Hero and gory shoot-em-ups pleasing the younger guests.

Carnival Cruises Fleet


In response to Royal Caribbean’s Voom internet packages, the Carnival Cruises fleet implemented the WiFi@Sea service which offers great internet speeds on the open ocean. Great for passionate online gamers wishing to bring their consoles on board and connect the up to the televisions in their cabin for a bit of MMO shoot-em-up action.

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