Azamara’s “Almost All-Inclusive” Goes Down Well with Guests


Since April 2010, Azamara Cruises have changed their name to Azamara Club Cruises and along with their name change, they are offering a range of services and products for free (which they used to charge extra for). Some of the things which are now included in their package, include:

  • House wine served at Lunchtime and Dinner time.
  • Bottled water and soda.
  • Speciality coffees and teas.
  • Complimentary shuttle buses from ports, into town.
  • Self service laundry.
  • Housekeeping and Dining gratuities.
  • All meals and room service.
  • Complimentary dining in speciality restaurants for suite guests.

Although the overall prices for Azamara cruises have increased, many people feel that they now get much better value for money. Azamara have taken stock of their customer’s complaints when it comes to shelling out for different things onboard and have taken the appropriate action. For many, the introduction of free wine with meals and free soda, water and coffee/tea throughout the day will save them a lot of money.

Another big saving comes from the introduction of free shuttle buses from ports. In the past, these shuttle journeys could cost anything up to $20 per adult, so for a couple on a 14 night cruise, visiting 7 ports, there is a potential saving of up to $280.

Paying for onboard gratuities is another thing that cruise lovers often take issue with, especially when the prices are set from the start, no matter how good the service is. Now, Azamara includes the price of gratuities within their cruise price so you pay it all off upfront and there are no nasty surprises at the end.

The one thing that people have taken issue with in the new guidelines, is the charge for speciality restaurants which has risen from $5 per person, to $15 per person (unless you are staying in a suite). It is likely, if Azamara wish to bring customers into these restaurants, that they may have to drop this charge once again as many guests are simply refusing to pay the extra price.


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