Are you a Christmas Cruiser?


The time you get off over the holiday period can mean taking a cruise at Christmas is worthwhile. You can take a break without eating into your total annual leave allowance when you throw in the public holidays.

But . . . do you really want to get away from it all and miss out on the seasonal celebrations?

Well, you learn something new every day. I came across an article which shows you can get away from it all and enjoy the sights and sounds of somewhere different and new AND still stay festive.

Apparently Princess ships make sure there is snow. Wherever you are onboard a Princess fleet vessel at this time of the year you will find snow and you can even get into the traditional spirit by warming yourself [perhaps not in reality]by a giant Yule log burning on a poolside screen.

Festive decorations transform the fleet so that cruises at this time of the year retain that special festive flavour. You still get all the usual benefits – great holiday, far away places, exotic locations, fabulous food and entertainment, but while Christmas is organised for you under the watchful eye of the staff managing your cruise.

The appeal is obviously for western passengers who celebrate the date, but there is also consideration for religious observance too. Both Christmas and Hannukah are given the treatment for those who wish to participate in the organised activities. Santa makes an appearance too, so no need to worry about dressing the chimney back home.

How cute to make gingerbread houses and enter them into a competition – and no  mess in your kitchen. With these types of things on offer a Christmas cruise could easily become a family tradition that offers all the wonderful aspects you only see in movies.


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