9 Days of Harmony of the Seas – The Ultimate Abyss


Royal Caribbean had long resisted the temptation to add water slides to their ships, despite the popularity of the slides on rival lines (particularly Carnival Cruises Line). However, they have finally relented and added slides to a number of their ships over the past few months. The Liberty of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas both received waterslides during dry docks in January and April respectively.

Whilst these announcements were met with glee from fun-loving Royal Caribbean cruise fans, neither slide (or any other cruise ship water slide in existence) can measure up to the Ultimate Abyss, the mammoth slide built aboard Harmony of the Seas.

At 150ft above sea level, and descending for 2/3 that height; the 10-storey freefall ride will become the largest water slide at sea, thrilling all guests who dare venture into the abyss. Those brave enough to venture down the massive slide will reach speeds of nine miles per hour as they race down towards deck six.

Royal Caribbean has spared no expense with the add-ons and extras to make the Ultimate Abyss even more thrilling a thrill ride. When you’re positioned at the top of the slide, you’ll have an unadulterated view of what is going on below thanks to the glass platform upon which you’re perched. If you’re not the best with heights, you may want to take a friend along to hold your hand.

And the heart-racing extras don’t stop there, with spontaneous sound effects creating a multi-sensory experience. As you twist and turn within the sound-effect laden slide, you’ll completely lose yourself within the journey – before being expelled into the beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool below.

Harmony of the Seas - Ultimate Abyss 1

And how have Royal Caribbean decided to make the slide even more exciting? By adding another! Meaning there will be two slides plunging guests simultaneously, so you can race your friends and family, twisting and turning 150ft above the sea. Claim bragging rights aboard the Harmony of the Seas as you make yourself as small as possible and beat your friends to the bottom of the slide.

If you’re looking for a thrilling cruise trip aboard Harmony of the Seas this year, visit our dedicated page here. Alternatively, call our friendly sales team on 0808 2746 777 for the full range of deals.

Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center.

9 Days of Harmony of the Seas – The Ultimate Abyss
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9 Days of Harmony of the Seas – The Ultimate Abyss
Harmony of the Seas is set to become the home of the world's largest water slide on a cruise ship - prepare for the Ultimate Abyss!

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