5 Unique Ways Travelling the World Can Change You as a Person


We all love a holiday from time to time, but true travellers will tell you that exploring the world can change everything about you, turning even the briefest of jaunts into a life-altering journey that stays with you long after it’s ended.

Whether you like to get stuck into new cultures and traditions, or let the world pass you by from a fresh vantage point, travel affects us all differently. With the help of two top travel bloggers, we’ll detail the ways travelling to the corners of the globe can change you as a person. Hopefully, it’ll help to spark a bit of wanderlust and set you on the first step of your next round-the-world journey.

1 – It broadens horizons

It’s a bit of a cliché to say it at this point, but many a traveller has made mention of how seeing the world opens up the mind and broadens your perspective on things you previously might not have given a second thought to. Another country’s language, lifestyle and values can all affect you in wonderful, surprising ways.

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As Arianwen, from Beyond Blighty says “through meeting people from so many backgrounds I’ve learned to appreciate my good fortune in life and put things in perspective when they don’t always go to plan.”

2 – You become less materialistic

When you travel the globe, there’s no room in your backpack or suitcase for the creature comforts you rely on so much when you’re at home. In fact, when you’re seeing the sights and experience new things, you won’t want them anyway. A lot of people tell of how travel makes them less materialistic when they get back home, and it’s certainly true of Monica from The Travel Hack, who says she’s become more of a minimalist as a result.

“I spent two years travelling and living out of a backpack so I had very few belongings during this time and I loved this minimal lifestyle. It was so easy and liberating.” In fact, many of the things she spent her money on now simply don’t interest her and held no importance on her own happiness: “I’m happiest when I don’t have loads of stuff. I don’t need a bigger house, a bigger car, the latest iPhone or a designer handbag that costs more than the average monthly wage!”

Out of your comfort zone, you learn to value the experiences of seeing new things, plus as Monica notes, you’ll have more money to spend on travelling around the world as a result! The experiences that travel afford Monica means that choosing to explore the four corners of the world over materialist possessions is always the wisest investment.

3 – You become more sociable

Opting to travel alone can be daunting for some, but many globetrotting veterans grow to love solo journeys since it essentially forces you to make your own company and step outside of your comfort zone. Small talk with strangers becomes the norm. Approaching strangers is no longer awkward. Making friends is now as easy as asking for directions.

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Arianwen says that although she was apprehensive initially, she soon welcomed the opportunities solo travel initiated: “It’s taught me that not having someone to share an experience with is a very poor reason to say no to it; I’m certainly far more confident and self-reliant than I used to be as a result”.

Soon enough, you’ll have new friends across the globe, so if you’re ever in need of a place to stay or someone to show you around, having access to a network of intercontinental compadres to help you out is invaluable too. As Arianwen says: “Not only does networking with strangers no longer scares me – it excites me”.

4 – You learn to go with the flow

With any holiday or getaway, there can be stresses: missed flights, irritating delays, wrong turns and queue after queue. The list goes on and on. In fact, world travelling is sure to throw some real challenges your way. However, there’s something about adventuring across the globe that builds up your defences against things that used to bug you. You learn to take things as they come, stay calm under pressure and let life’s frustrations pass you by.

There’s a certain ‘sink or swim’ element to travelling that encourages this kind of thinking. As with point number 1, it helps to put things into perspective – you’ll soon learn that there’s not much worth getting upset about. Arianwen certainly agrees: “I now know that if I can stumble through a conversation in broken Spanish, a blind date should be a breeze”. During your travels, you learn things you can then use when you’re back home – you’ll be surprised how much you’re prepared for when you’re back in the real world.

5 – Adventure becomes your middle name

On your journey, the things you thought you’d never do suddenly become the norm. Opening yourself up to new experiences is what travel is all about. After all, you haven’t just paid all that money to do what you’re used to – it pays to step out of your comfort zone.

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Eat that weird local delicacy you’ve heard about. Scale that huge hillside and reward yourself with an incredible view. If you’re feeling really crazy, you could always give skydiving a go. The truth is, the more you learn to say yes, the more fun you’ll have, not just on your travels but in life too. Be willing to open yourself up, and welcome opportunity with open arms, we’re sure you won’t regret it.

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5 Unique Ways Travelling the World Can Change You as a Person
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5 Unique Ways Travelling the World Can Change You as a Person
We chat to a couple of experienced travel bloggers about how travelling around the world can change their perspective and improve their life.

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