5 Reasons Why You Should Retire on a Cruise Ship


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What better way to spend your golden years than sailing the high seas in unparalleled luxury? While the idea of retiring on a cruise ship may seem extravagant and wildly unrealistic, it is in fact a cost effective dream that that many retirees live out with incredible ease.

If you still need convincing, here are our top five reasons why you should retire on a cruise ship!

1. It’s cost effective

Despite what people may initially think, living on-board a cruise ship is often significantly cheaper than residing in a serviced retirement home or spending a constant flow of cash on the annual upkeep of a house. Many lines offer special long term contracts and fractional ownership arrangements that make the deal even sweeter. With extras such as food, beverages and entertainment often included as part of cruise ship deals, retiring on a leisure vessel will also slash your day-to-day living expenses.

2. It’s social

One issue that retirees sometimes face is loneliness. Living on-board a cruise ship offers a constant stream of fellow passengers and staff with whom you can socialise and develop camaraderie. You’ll also be given the opportunity to interact with a much more diverse age group than you wouldn’t find in a conventional retirement community – perfect for those who still have a spring in their step!

 3. It offers the opportunity for travel

By far, one of the best benefits of retiring on a cruise ship is the opportunity for travel. You eliminate the stress and hassle of airport travel and are offered the chance to embark on pre-arranged excursions which makes sightseeing easier than ever. With an exotic list of local and international destinations to choose from, retiring at sea keeps the excitement of travel well and truly alive!

 4. There is a constant stream of entertainment

While retirement homes offer day trips to the cinema, shopping mall and other nearby attractions nothing beats the spectacular entertainment factor of cruise ships! From shore excursions, bingo tournaments, cabaret shows, comedians, day spas and more, those opting for retirement on the high seas are spoilt for choice.

 5. You’ll be treated to unparalleled service

Cruising is all about attentive service which makes passenger ships the perfect place to retire. Staff are always willing to go to that extra mile to keep passengers comfortable and are more than happy to accommodate your every need. You’ll also be offered a huge range of dining options which means you’ll never have to lift a finger in the kitchen again. When you’ve spent your whole life looking after other people, you deserve a little attention!

If you’re thinking about retiring on a cruise ship and want a taster of all the fantastic experiences that you can expect from your new life at sea, call us today on 0808 2746 777, or head over to Cruise 1st and browse the incredible range of cruising packages.


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