3 Liquor & Cocktail Combos to Try on Your Next South America Cruise


Cruising opens a portal to the most interesting and unique parts of the world. Visitors to these exciting destinations are spoilt by exciting experiences, unique culinary treats and intriguing cultural adventures. What about drinks? We all know that Europe is renowned for winemaking. Well, South America is home to some of the most exceptional spirits. Read on for our guide to three incredible cruise destinations with superb spirits and cocktails.

1. Peru – Pisco

Peru is a hiking paradise, particularly the Vilcabamba mountain range within the Andes. Even if you’re not into hiking, it’s worth visiting just to try Pisco – and take in the scenery. Pisco is a grape-based brandy produced in Peru, as well as Chile. Distilling grape wine in the winemaking regions results in a heart-warmingly strong spirit. The Peruvian variety is never diluted and requires copper pot stills, which give it a unique taste and strength.

The mountains of Peru

How to drink: The national drink of Peru, a Pisco Sour, is made using egg white, lime juice, bitters and syrup along with Pisco, It’s a perfect way to accompany the sharp notes of Pisco.

2. Venezuela – Rum

We can’t talk about South American spirits without mentioning rum. It’s available in most of the continent’s nations, but our particular favourite is the Venezuelan Ron Zacapa 23.

How to drink: The best way to sample the delights of South American rum is definitely the daiquiri. With rum (dark or white), fine sugar and lime juice, it contrasts sweet and sour perfectly.

3. Brazil – Cachaça

For amazing beaches and a lively carnival atmosphere, you can’t beat Brazil. In terms of drinks, Cachaça is a superb offering. Like rum, Cachaça is made from sugarcanes. However, Cachaça uses the sugarcane juice rather than the extracted molasses. The result is a distinct, explosive, sweet taste that’s both rich and robust.

A Brazilian landscape

How to drink: While it’s common in Brazil to drink Cachaca ‘pura’ (straight), the Caipirinha cocktail is a great way to try it. It’s a simple mixture with Cachaca, lime and sugar, but it definitely brings out the best in the spirit.

Cruising in style

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