3 Honeymoon Cruise Tips


Congratulations. Your big day was all you hoped it would be and more,  and now you’re about to set sail on the romantic trip of a lifetime. A honeymoon cruise is an amazing way to de-stress post-wedding. Whether you’re planning a short cruise or want to explore the world on a month-long adventure, cruise lines offer it all. To guarantee you get the most from your cruise, make sure you read our three top tips before you step on board.

1: Know what you want

How do you see yourself spending your cruise as a couple? Do you like to explore? If so, you might prefer to book with a cruise line that offers overnight stays at major ports. Want to lie back and enjoy a drink on deck? If you know that you’ll both be perfectly content sipping champagne on board and admiring the views for the duration of your cruise, there’s probably no need to spend extra on a cruise that makes multiple stops at ports you won’t see.

2: Indulge

Your honeymoon is not ‘just’ another holiday. It’s an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life –  treat yourself! Make the most of the spa and fitness facilities. Whether you want to unwind with a relaxing couple’s massage, sink into a Jacuzzi, or de-stress with an invigorating facial, cruise lines are doing more than ever before to ensure that you have everything you could possibly need to indulge on board post-wedding. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

3: Relax

You did it. You booked the venue, sent out hundreds of invitations, dealt with venue mishaps and organised every element of your big day with pin-point precision. Now it’s time to take a big deep breath and relax. This trip is about you and your partner for life getting time together to relax and escape all of the wedding stress you left behind. If you want get away from the crowds, many ships offer adult-only and limited-access areas. Consult with the staff on board to find out about all of the secluded spots that you might not find otherwise.

Ready for romance?

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