10 of the Best Cocktails to Enjoy on a Cruise


With Royal Caribbean announcing their newest ship, Anthem of the Seas, will play host to a Bionic Bar complete with robotic bartenders, we’ve decided to delve into our cocktail archives and pick 10 of our favourite cocktails to enjoy on a cruise – including a few local specials and a couple of Royal Caribbean exclusives.

Lava Flow

Combining the holiday favourite, Pina Colada, with a bit extra rum and strawberry flavours; Lava Flow is a relaxing long drink. The creamy body created by the coconut in the Pina Colada is beautifully spiked with sweet strawberry, creating a unique blend which inspired the name.

Lava Flow Cocktail - Stephen Dickter


A fruity favourite of those who prefer the finer things in life; the Cosmopolitan makes for a fantastic accompaniment to light lunches. Cranberry juice, Cointreau and Vodka with a little squeeze of lime make up this cocktail synonymous with Manhattan.

Cosmo - Ralph Daily

Mai Tai

A favourite in Polynesia and Tiki bars around the world, Mai Tai is Tahitian for ‘good’. Built up using rum, curacao and lime juice; the Mai Tai is a simplistic cocktail which really packs a punch. Perfect for watching the sun set over a beautiful seascape horizon.

Mai Tai - James Palinsad

Patron Perfect Margarita

Probably more than any other cocktail, people struggle to get the combinations right when making Margaritas. Getting the balance right between the tart taste of lime, the sweetness of triple sec and the unique flavour of tequila is incredibly difficult. So best leave it to the experts.

Margarita - Ralph Daily

Summer Breeze

Ice cold and refreshing, the Summer Breeze lives up to its name. Built up of citrus rum, peachtree schnapps, curacao and pineapple; Summer Breeze is the perfect poolside cocktail during the height of a summer’s day at sea.

Summer Breeze - Ivan Bandura


The perfect cocktail during formal night; the classic Martini is dripping with sophistication. Whether you want it built on vodka or gin, with an olive or a twist, and shaken or stirred, skilled cruise mixologists can make it to your taste.

Martini - Thor

Pyrat’s Hurricane

Recognised as one of the world’s premier rums, Pyrat Rum is blended to a unique and closely guarded recipe. The Hurricane builds on the Pyrat Rum with a blend of Oasis Hurricane – a fruity blast.

Pyrat's Hurricane - 2Tales

Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail is a whiskey-based cocktail which does not hide the taste of the spirit, but rather amplifies it. Mixing scotch with the whiskey-based honey liquor Drambuie, Rusty Nails are a fantastic after-dinner aperitif.

Rusty Nail - waferboard

Blue Hawaiian

Another summer favourite, Blue Hawaiians’ colouring slightly tricks the senses with the fruity orange and pineapple flavour. With a slightly creamy texture thanks to the Pina Colada thrown in for good measure, it’s almost a meal by itself.

Blue H - Sam Howzit

Goombay Smash

Another Royal Caribbean favourite utilises the beautifully unique Pyrat Rum; the Goombay Smash builds on the spirit with coconut rum, Cointreau, lime and pineapple juice. A thinner, more refreshingly, less colourful version of the Blue Hawaiian.

Goombay - Kent Wang

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Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credits: Gordon Flood, Stephen Dickter, Ralph Daily, James Palinsad, Ralph Daily, Ivan Bandura, Thor, 2Tales, waferboard, Sam Howzit, Kent Wang


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