10 Days of Harmony of the Seas – Record Breaker


When Harmony of the Seas enters service later this month, she’ll inherit a number of titles from her sister ships, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. She will become the largest cruise ship in operation, capable of carrying record-breaking numbers of guests and tipping the scales like no other holiday-centric vessel.


Although built to some of the same plans and dimensions as the aforementioned members of the Oasis Class from Royal Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas has been somewhat stretched. At just 33 centimetres longer than the previous record-holder, Harmony has just edged ahead.


Those 33 centimetres may not seem a great deal, but it allows Harmony of the Seas to carry an extra 79 passengers. At full capacity, the ship is capable of carrying 5,479 passengers – and the amazing 2,300 crew members ensure Harmony of the Seas almost offers a 2:1 passenger to crew ratio, accommodating their every want and whim.

Gross Tonnage

Another record breaking turn for the Harmony of Seas is the gross tonnage of the ship. The slightly confusing measurement of total capacity of ships, gross tonnage is the volumetric tons of 100 cubic feet, calculated by adding deck space, underdeck tonnage and internal volume of tween-decks. And Harmony of the Seas measures in at a (trust us) whopping 227,700 gross tons.

Harmony of the Seas - Broken Records 2

Fuel Efficiency

Despite her mind-boggling stats and figures, Harmony of the Seas is smaller than her sister ships in one very important aspect – fuel consumption. Thanks to a combination of new scrubber technologies, a redesigned hull and the bubble system which allows her to glide even more smoothly through the waters – Harmony of the Seas is in fact 20% more fuel efficient than Oasis and Allure.

The Ultimate Abyss

More about this chap tomorrow but the Ultimate Abyss will become the largest cruise ship water slide in existence, providing 10 decks of perilous plunging excitement. Royal Caribbean are relative newcomers to the world of waterslides, but they may have trumped the lot with the Ultimate Abyss – sure to thrill the tens of the thousands of guests who will plunge down her winding paths over the next year.

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Day 9

Images sourced via Royal Caribbean Press Center.

10 Days of Harmony of the Seas – Record Breaker
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10 Days of Harmony of the Seas – Record Breaker
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